Valerie Carr and Her Only Hit “When the Boys Talk about the Girls”


Introduction to Valerie Carr

Valerie Carr (born 1936), is a New York-born African-American singer whose exquisite vocal talent led her to get a record deal with King Records, before moving on the Roulette Records when she was 22 years old; she would stay in Roulette from 1958 to 1962. It was also in that label where she recorded “When the Boys Talk about the Girls,” which broke into the Top 20 in 1958 and also charted well in the UK. After a long while, Carr disproved the thoughts of many that she was a one-hit wonder, releasing a single called “Padre” (an original version was recorded by Toni Arden) which was to sell millions of units. Her LPs, Song Stylist Extraordinaire and Ev’ry Hour Ev’ry Day of My Life, were moderately successful. But her most well-remembered single in her career was probably “I Talk Too Much,” which was an answer to “You Talk Too Much,” which was her answer song to Joe Jones’ “You Talk Too Much” which was a 1960 hit.

Who is Valerie Carr?

Best remembered by her “When the Boys Talk about the Boys” during the late 50s music era,  Valerie Carr was an African-American singer born in New York, New York City in 1936. She had her first recording experience on King Records, a Cincinnati-based label owned by R&B singer Syd Nathan.

Carr with Roulette Records

In 1958, Carr was signed to Roulette Records where she recorded the song “When the Boys Talk about the Girls.” The song became a big a hit in the same year, registering at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also a success in the UK entering the Top 40 in the singles chart.

Further recordings were released after Carr’s breakthrough single. However, none of these entered the charts. “When the Boys Talk About the Girls” was Carr’s first and last chart entry. She is generally regarded as a one-hit-wonder.

Other releases of Valerie Carr

Another song by Carr, “Padre” became a million-selling record for Toni Arden when the latter covered it also in 1958. Since the two versions were released almost at the same time, most people said that the record buyers might have mistakenly purchased Arden’s records for Carr’s version which was way better, as originals are almost always better.

The following year, she issued two LP’s which did quite well: Song Stylist Extraordinaire and Ev’ry Ev’ry Day of My Life. The second one, Ev’ry Hour Ev’ry Day of My Life considered by the critics as her best recording. Apparently, Carr was said to be one of Buddy Holly’s favorite artist.

In the early 1960’s, Carr was still recording singles. In 1960, she recorded “Oh Gee” with the flipside co-written by Burt Bacharach and Bob Hilliard. Carr had her last chart entry in 1961 with the b-side “I Left There Crying,” reaching the Top 50 of the Billboard chart.

Valerie Carr’s discography (may be impartial)

Roulette Records

(Dec 1957)

  • A: Over The Rainbow
  • B: You’re The Greatest

(Apr 1958)

  • A: When The Boys Talk About The Girls
  • B: Padre

(Aug 1958)

  • A: Bad Girl
  • B: Look Forward

(Apr 1959)

  • A: I’d Run All The Way
  • B: Darling You Make It So

(Aug 1959)

  • A: I’m Only Asking
  • B: The Way To My Heart

(May 1960)

  • A: Oh Gee
  • B: You Belong In Someone Else’s Arms

(Oct 1960)

  • A: What Would You Do
  • B: Jim

(Nov 1960)

  • A: I Talked Too Much
  • B: Don’t Stand In His Way

(May 1961)

  • A: Come Home
  • B: I Left There Crying
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