What is the Best Site to Buy Sports Tickets: 5 Great Options


If you are trying to find the best site to buy sports tickets, you are in luck! Check out these great options for getting tickets.

Online ticket sales are a $10.3 billion industry in the US in 2019. This rise also includes a shift to fully digitized mobile ticketing, very popular with the younger crowd.

For this reason alone, buying sports tickets online seems to be a no-brainer, except when it goes bad.

Have you purchased sports tickets online? Have you ever fallen victim to counterfeit tickets? If so, there’s good news. There are a lot of legitimate, trustworthy sites to buy tickets. Bonus: often at a discounted price.

Are you looking for the best site to buy sports tickets? You came to the right place. Stick around to learn more about these great options for getting corporate sports tickets to your next sporting event.

Best Site to Buy Sports Tickets: Top 5 

What is the best place to buy football tickets? Where are the best resale ticket sites? We’ll answer these questions and more.


GotStubs is a ticket marketplace that offers tickets for all kinds of live events such as sport, concerts, theatre, etc. Another great thing about GotStubs is that a percentage of their profit goes to charity i.e  with every sold ticket, a piece of the money is donated to provide hot meals to thousands of people in need every week.

Another fantastic feature of the site is that a portion of its profits are donated to charity, so when you buy a ticket to watch your favorite team play, you will be doing a good deed by helping those in need.

1. StubHub

StubHub has been deemed the most credible and reliable site for resale sports tickets. If it’s professional sporting event tickets you need, like the NFL, this is the place to go.

Their site includes a value meter that assesses the seat quality compared to the price of the ticket.

2. Vivid Seats

This is one of the best ticket resellers out there for sporting events. Their site is user-friendly. Sellers are professional. Multi-seat packages are often available. Tickets come quickly by email or paper tickets are guaranteed to arrive in time for the event.

It has an interactive seating chart and a tool that informs you whether or not the tickets you’re viewing are a good deal. Caution: fees are sometimes high.

3. SeatGeek

This one is a ticket search engine. It runs a search of all the ticket resale sites and comes back with a list of the best bargain prices.

There is an interactive seating chart with a price attached to each seat in its location for easy viewing. SeatGeek makes your search easy by combining the ticket listings of all of the major ticket sites. Use David Dobrik SeatGeek promo code to get better rates.

4. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is tops when it comes to its return policy. With their Ticketmaster Fan Guarantee, you can return tickets from a participating venue for a full refund for up to 72 hours after purchase. Take advantage of this up until one week before the event.

5. The Box Office 

The box office at the venue is the best way to get a ticket at face value without worry. You can buy online or if you live close by, consider going to the box office. You’ll save yourself the fees often associated with ordering online.

Looking for tickets to an LA Clippers’ game? Click https://www.barrystickets.com/clippers-tickets/.

Find Tickets for Your Favorite Team 

Now that you know the best site to buy sports tickets, you won’t miss any of the action when it comes to your favorite team.

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