Who will Take Home the Green Jacket at this Year’s Masters?


Many things make the Masters tournament so unique.

Firstly, the event is held at the Augusta National Golf Club, considered one of the most recognized and prestigious worldwide. Plus, it’s the only tournament that is held at the same course year in year out.

It was designated as the first course out of four other majors and very much sets the scene for the rest of the year. The event is actually very important for many golfers’ careers because it provides a stepping stone onto the three other majors.

It’s the first major tournament to include a 72 hole game, spread over four days, and the first to be covered nationwide. It was also an early innovator of the par system seen in all modern tournaments today.

How did the Masters get Established?

Its beginnings date back to the 1930s where Bobby Jones wanted his own course for retirement. Work commenced in 1931 and later opened in 1933, where the first-ever tournament was held one year later.

It was an 18 hole course split into two where players would play eighteen holes in total. Its current layout has existed since 1935.

The course was formerly a plant nursery back in the day, so each hole is named after a tree or shrub. The course has also been lengthened throughout its history and shortened, attracting much controversy from different players.

Its current form attracts between ninety and one hundred players every year in the form of the Masters championship.

Out of Previous Masters Tournaments, which Players Stood Out Most?

The oldest person to have won the most Masters tournaments is Jack Nicklaus, who had won six in total, his last win being in 1986 when he was 46 years old.

He also takes home the record for the most top tens, twenty-two in total, plus the most cuts made (thirty-seven). In 1997, Tiger woods was the youngest ever winner at the tender age of twenty-one.

If this wasn’t impressive enough, he broke the record for the widest winning margin, twelve strokes, and the lowest winning score of 217 (-18). Being tied with Jordan Spieth in 2015, this was then broken in 2020 by Dustin Johnson.

2013 saw the youngest person ever to compete at just age fourteen. This was Guan Tianlang, who later on went to be known as one of the youngest people to make a cut at the tournament, or in fact, at any men’s championship.

Gary Player has made the most appearances at the Masters, fifty-two in total. He’s also set the record for the highest number of consecutive cuts made, twenty-three between 1959 and 1982. This achievement was later shared when Fred Couples achieved a similar thing between 1983 and 2007.

The highest course record of 1963, 1986, and 1996 was shared between Greg Norman and Nick Price, while the highest ever winning score of 289 (+1) has been repeated three times. Firstly by Sam Snead in 1954, then by Jack Burke in 1956, and later in 2007 by Zach Johnson.

The most ever birdies in a round were achieved by Anthony Kim. This was during his second round in 2009, earning 11 in total. There have also been records set for the achievement of four double eagles. The latest of which was achieved in the 4th contender round of 2012.

Notably, one of these was when Louis Oosthuizen made a 260 yard downhill using his four iron down the fairway, racing the second par-five hole and then rolled in. Another notable moment was when Bruce Devlin made a double eagle 248 yards out with a four wood at the eight-hole in his first round in 1967.

Not to mention the three-iron hit by Jeff Maggert in 1994 at the thirteenth hole, hitting the ball 222 yards.

Further records include the most runner-up finishing a record. Four of them were claimed by Ben Hogan, Tom Weiskopf, and Jack Nicklaus. Players who have won the Masters three separate decades include Nicklaus and Woods.

What Will this Year’s Event Look Like?

This year’s event will be much different from a typical Masters tournament. There will be a limited number of spectators in attendance.

Simultaneously, strict health and safety measures will be in place in this year’s event, which will occur in November rather than the usual slot between the 5th and 11th of April.

Last year, the prestigious green jacket was awarded to Dustin Johnson, achieving a record score of twenty under par by just five strokes to win. This was only four years after the first victory.

After the first tour championship title, the win was achieved with two other PGA victories achieved, as he returned to the number one position.

Who’s Lined Up to Win this Year?

Dustin Johnson is the favorite in the Masters golf odds, with odds of +550. He achieved his third win last year, which was part of an eleven-event stretch.

This set him up for other championships, like the European tour and, later, the Saudi International, which he also won.

The second favorite is Rory Mcllroy, with odds of +1000. He didn’t achieve a place in the career grand slam in November. Still, He fell into the top ten categories, finishing in the last twenty-two majors since his win in the Open Championship in 2014.

Justin Thomas is another firm contender with odds of +1000. He’s already won twice in the elite, including the 2020 Condensed Fields, and coming 4th at the Augusta National in the top major finish.

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