Why Soft Surfacing is so Important for your Playground


Surfacing is the valuable decision will make for your play space and right surfacing supportive to ensure entire play space is safe and accessible. Actually more than seventy percent of playground injuries are due to falls on the unsafe surfaces and investing in the safe surface that will go a long way toward creating a safe play space overall. Actually besides all such things rubber mulch is getting cheaper by the day making it affordable for many people into the world.

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New ideas about surfaces

With the new modern technology it has made all the surfaces available for play spaces safer and then more accessible than ever before. In addition to basing the decision of safety and accessibility, need to plan for the way how to play space that will be funded and maintained. If will not have access to money for ongoing maintenance. You should also consider a right surface material that actually not needed to be raked every week to stay safe and accessible.

Check here to learn how to design a safe playground.

Always standards to guide the decisions

Actually four main organizations publish standards for complete playground surfacing. You should be familiar with all of them. Playground manufacturers and other people who have built playgrounds can most of the time support you understand how the various standards apply to the specific play space.

Soft play has an indoor playground flooring solutions

Mixed on site and then fixed in right place on playground such durable and quality surfacing options comes in a variety of colors and patterns to match themed play area or the whole playground. Surfacing can also be used to make playground ADA accessible due to it can be used to turn a recessed area. It is fact how often we have seen children using play equipment and trampolines in a manner inconsistent with the original design intent. Well designed guardrail becomes a high wire act or a slide that becomes a giant wave to be surfed down.

There is also plenty of playground safety surfacing options to select and due to compliance is the law and here only you deals with the ADA approved surfacing facilities. Different surfaces can accommodate, signify and enhance different types of play poured in right place rubber providers a great surface for the riding and bouncing toys. Giving smooth is transition right between distinct surfaces so chairs can easily maneuver between the spaces.

Placing surfacing offers

Lots of functional advantages including the low maintenance and also further life cycles costs and then material is unitary is nature. Additionally advantages unique to pour in place including the ability to confirm and to irregular shapes and grade are changing within the playground graphics. Actually with the top wear courses being field applied and it cannot typically be compressed sufficiently to give the density requirement to withstand heavy wear. We also have unitary surfacing options that is growing in popularity is a prefabricated product most of the time supplied in a mat or tile form.

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