Why Virtual Clinical Trials are a game-changer


Virtual clinical trials are the newest technology in conducting clinical research. It’s an underutilized model of clinical research. But with its benefits, virtual clinical trials can potentially change how research in the clinical field is done. This is especially when it’s used alongside all the technologies such as online social engagement, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process.

In simple terms, virtual clinical trials are effective because they leverage the power of digital technology to carry out improved and safe clinical trials. It’s a game changer because most of the virtual clinical trials are cost-effective, patient-centric, and easy to manage.

In this article, we’ll share the top reasons virtual clinical trials are a game-changer. Also, check out the trusted online courses that guarantee you to get a certificate in good clinical practice.

Patient-centric Care Delivery

With virtual clinical trials, you focus on patients on their personal level. This is because you can keep the patient informed throughout the trial. Thanks to the digital platforms that virtually engage the patient. With their phone, they can access results, progresses, and get personalized assistance whenever required. It gives personalized care that would be difficult with traditional clinical research.

Improved Data Quality

Virtual systems are effective and reliable in collecting real-time data. Any valid data is captured and closely monitored. And even better, the data collection process is instant. This is unlike the traditional methods where data has to be collected by individuals who might make errors. Apart from data collection, virtual systems offer accurate real-time data sharing. That means a lot of time is saved with back-and-forth reporting. Everyone can access the data whenever they wish.

Better Communication

Data collection, analysis, and reporting are easy with a virtual system. You don’t have to worry about how to get any job done at any given time. Anyone who needs to see progress reports can access them on the systems. You don’t have to rely on anyone to convey messages or reports. This saves errors and time that would be used in back-and-forth reporting.


Virtual clinical trials cut movement costs—both for researchers and patients. This is because you use modern technology to track patients and collect all required information. It eliminates costs for hospitalization, and appointments, among other expenses. And it still gives the best control on the research.

It’s a game changer because you only spend less and get better results at all times.

What Next?

Virtual Clinical trials are the future of modern research. Its adoption is relatively low now. However, with the evidence of its benefits, you can expect things to change soon. More clinical trials might shift to the virtual world. And when this happens, any organization or individual stuck in the traditional clinical trials might be faced out of the market. This is especially studies or clinical trials that don’t require a one-on-one encounter with the research stakeholders. So, if you’re wondering whether to try virtual clinical trials or not, then now could be the time to do that.


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