5 Compelling Signs He’s In Love with You


Singleness is not everlasting, some day or other, you meet a man who awakens your feelings. Signs of emotional euphoria that go hand in hand with amorousness are collywobbles, daydreaming, and a feeling of happiness similar to a light frisky intoxication. But does this happen only to you or to the guy too? There are several obvious and simple signs that clearly determine his interest: he looks for meetings, flirts with you, invites you to drink coffee, etc. But what if everything is not so simple? There are 5 subtle signals that can help you to recognize that a man is in love with you.

He repeats your intonations

Precisely since the man likes them. We are all endued with a desire to imitate, which becomes more intense under the influence of someone’s charm, stimulating us to copy their intonations and words. Experts explain this by the theory of communication accommodation, the main principles of which boil down to the fact that people involuntarily change their gestures and manner of speech to match the voice tone of the interlocutor – especially the one whom they really like.

He changes in the presence of you

How does it manifest? A man tries to look smart, cool, or just the life of the party. Scientists state that people decisively change their behavior patterns and manner of speech, trying to appear better, more interesting, and more desirable in front of those they like. Such approach is built upon the principle of scarcity, which encourages advertising of personal merits – for example, if someone has a rare feature (red hair, strange accent, piercing blue eyes, talent for stand-up improvisation, etc.), this makes him/her more desirable for the opposite sex. So, if a man is trying to draw your attention to his distinctiveness, he wants you to notice how exceptional he is.

He reflects your actions

In scientific words, this is a non-verbal tendency, which can work both deliberately and unwittingly. As in the case of the theory of communication accommodation, “reflecting” someone, you try to support this person through gestures and actions, although not imitating or copying them, but entering into a kind of wordless dialogue. Thus, your movements do not remain unattended: you get up off a chair – a man crosses legs, you tidy up your hair – he licks his lips. This can be easily noticed even if you are chatting on a single dating website. Just look attentively, it’s really funny!

His friends like you

Pay attention to the behavior of his friends if you suddenly find yourself in the same company. If they treat you in a friendly manner and drop hints about your possible relationship, that’s a good sign. It’s not so difficult to recognize the reason for such behavior of his friends – it means that the man enthusiastically talks about you or at least mentions your name in a conversation. Moreover, these people have already chewed your ear off about how smart and cool the guy is – perhaps you have not noticed it yet. Of course, it’s up to you, but, apparently, you have every chance of becoming a couple.

He changes habits for your sake

If a man supplements his daily routine with new habits associated with you, then, most likely, he is looking for an excuse to cozy up to you. Maybe he fell to watch your favorite TV show (to discuss it with you), suggested walking dogs together, or started visiting your much-loved coffee shop. Pay attention to such actions of the man and give response signals to understand the coincidence of your intentions.

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