Best Phone Tracking Apps: How to Track Your Partner Without Permission


Have you noticed that your partner’s behavior has changed? Or maybe you have started drifting away for no reason? If you start facing any of these questions, there must be a problem in your relationships. But don’t worry if your partner does not seem engaged in finding it.

If you have decided to find out what caused any change in your partner’s behavior, try a cell phone tracking app without permission. It must be a reliable and hidden monitoring app capable of getting into their deep, dark secrets without them noticing. In this article, we will tell you about these phone tracking apps and their peculiarities. So, let’s dive into it.

6 Reliable Tools to Track Android and iPhone Devices

We will focus on 6 reliable and trusted monitoring apps that can track Android and iPhone devices stealthily. They may focus on different features. Some of them are free, while others cost money. Please ensure that you become familiar with all of them and choose the best cell phone tracker that will satisfy your needs.

Tool #1: Mobile Tracker Free App for Advanced Monitoring is the best free tracking app for iPhone and Android devices. Don’t get confused by the fact the app is free. Please note that it is a tracker that offers users a free package with basic features. So, it can be an option for those who have never used such apps before and want to see how monitoring software works.

The Mobile Tracker Free app has numerous handy features, such as tracking and logging phone calls, viewing their SMS/MMS or text messages, accessing their photo gallery and social media accounts like Facebook, or seeing their GPS location in real time.

The app’s installation is simple, and its free basic package offers the features to give you the key to your partner’s device.

Tool #2: XNSPY Monitoring Software To Use by Everyone

XNSPY is a decent multifunctional anonymous phone tracker that runs perfectly on Android and iPhone devices. The app is not free, but the monthly subscription for the XNSPY basic edition is affordable – only $29.99. Obviously, it will be cheaper to get a quarterly or yearly plan, but it’s up to you.

So, with the XNSPY tracker, you could monitor their phone calls, messages, location history, and current GPS whereabouts. It will also let you access their online habits while seeing what websites they visit or bookmarks they save. Moreover, the app offers a new feature – recording IM chat activities on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder.

Tool #3: uMobix Anonymous Phone Tracker to Catch a Cheating Partner

uMobix cell phone tracker is one of the most trusted and known apps on the market. It supports both operating systems and works smoothly after being installed. The app is not free, but there is a free trial (request via live chat) and a demo version available for you to get acquainted with the tracker.

uMobix has many things you may like: access to incoming and outgoing messages and the most famous social media apps, the possibility to monitor and log keystrokes on the target device, or take screenshots.

It is also known as the best phone location tracker app without permission, thanks to its geofinder feature. With it, you could keep an eye on your partner’s movements whenever you feel like.

Tool #4: FlexiSPY Monitoring App with Numerous Tracking Features

FlexiSPY is a powerful monitoring software with numerous monitoring features to offer. Users like its multifunctionality and compatibility with Android, iPhones, iPads, and computers. Moreover, there are several subscription plans available. The basic and the cheapest plan will cost you $29.95 a month.

Overall, the tracker gives access to your partner’s digital communication, social media platforms, media files, or to their device’s microphone to listen to the surroundings. Additionally, it is an app for tracking phone location and monitoring Internet activity. And if you want to have all the data in your pocket, you can install the FlexiSPY mobile viewer app.

Tool #5: SpyBubble Tracking Partner for Various Needs

This tracking tool won’t disappoint you. Being designed to help people catch their cheating partner, the SpyBubble app has everything you might need for this purpose. It runs on all Android and iOS devices and is easy to use and install. With this cell phone tracker, you will also see their deleted data, like calls, contacts, or messages.

The SpyBubble phone monitoring app can spy on their calls, messengers, chats, locations, and dating apps they install. You will be able to see their YouTube activities with the help of screenshots the app makes. But that’s not all. With it, you could capture all their keystrokes thanks to the keylogger feature.

Tool #6: Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker to Monitor Them Secretly

And finally, the Cocospy cell phone tracker for your attention. The app has all the necessary monitoring features for remote and stealth surveillance. It is 100% hidden, so you shouldn’t be worried about being caught.

The Cocospy tracker is a full-fledged WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat tracker, capable of viewing messages and multimedia files. With Cocospy, you can find out who your partner calls, texts, or meets with, as it is also a reliable cell phone locator. You will find all of this data in your user dashboard.


How much do I pay for a good phone tracking app?

A good phone tracker will cost you around $30-50 a month. Remember that many apps offer a few subscription plans. It becomes cheaper to get a quarterly or yearly pricing offer.

Which features are considered the most valuable in tracking apps?

The most valuable features are an SMS and messengers tracker, call tracker, GPS location tracker, keylogger, and famous social media app monitoring.

Can I use a cell phone tracker to catch a cheating partner?

A cell phone tracker can be used to detect and catch a cheating partner. However, the usage of such software can be forbidden in some countries. Get familiar with the laws of your jurisdiction before using the tracking app.

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