How To Determine The Best Place To Get A Haircut In Charlotte, NC

Choosing the best place to get a haircut is definitely not something you can ask society as a whole in hopes of a universal answer. Each person, each individual, has their own concept. Everyone is particular about their appearance. That’s how we represent ourselves to the people we do business with, our clients, the heads of our company, with the people we socialize.

Hair makes up a considerable amount of our first impression, second only to our smile and the person who takes care of it. The salon and the stylist need to meet different layers for our needs. Not only relating to skills and qualifications but on a certain level of intimacy. We then develop a relationship with the place and the person who helps us use our style as a way to face our world’s unique requirements. That isn’t universal, that’s specific from one person to the next.

That means there is no one “best” place in any given city or state for society as a whole. As individuals, we have what we consider to be the ideal place to go based on a particular stylist, not the establishment. We are centered on the person, not the place. Everyone has a go-to person.

Choosing The Best Place To Get A Haircut in Charlotte NC

We have all gone through the frustrating process of having a poor experience with our hair, not necessarily due to the salon but because of the salonist with whom we might not have a good line of communication. Look here for guidance on questions you might ask your stylist.

That’s precisely what it will boil down to. Getting the ideal haircut and perfect color borders on meeting a stylist with whom you can communicate and mesh personally.

You can have pictures and a million ideas on what you hope to achieve with your style, but the point is those will never come to fruition if you work with a stylist who is not in tune with you. It’s not necessarily the salon at fault, but you want to ensure that the stylist you choose has a high level of skill and exceptional experience in the industry.

When looking for a Charlotte haircut, this is essential. Not because they lack skilled salonists, but because there are so many from which to choose. When you have such a large list of options, it might prove daunting to make your selection, but there is a way to narrow it down to your ideal choice. Let’s learn how.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is the optimum form of marketing and is exceptionally important regarding selecting the ideal salonist in the Charlotte area. In some cases, you can end up unhappy with the selections since other people will not agree on your specific needs relating to the stylist.

Instead of asking about the haircuts specifically, learn if they’re happy with the salon as a whole. If they’re unhappy, then make choices based on those decisions. You might get a different stylist in the facility and love it. Learn which salon operates to the satisfaction of more people than not. The stylist is subjective.

Use the internet as its intended

Check the web for hair salons in your local area and read testimonials and impartial reviews from clients who have attended the business. Don’t base it on a particular stylist or colorist but the facility.

Read not only the reviews but how poor performances resolve to the satisfaction of the client. Often this gives a vast picture of the business, which you can’t get from friends, family, or other people, giving a mere opinion.

You can also learn a great deal from authoritative sites, like the Better Business Bureau, where there are reviews of the salon’s performance and ratings. Friends and acquaintances won’t have the information you can find from impartial sources online. You don’t want to avoid this step in your process of finding the best Charlotte haircut.

Use the internet as its intended

Prices / Visitation

Not only should you compare prices to see if they fit within your constraints, but you should visit the salon to see the day-to-day activities. If, when you visit, there’s a full lobby with people waiting for their appointment for what seems like endless amounts of time, that means the salons are overbooking, and no one wants to deal with a business that works like that.

It’s also wise to pay attention to how clients come out after their appointment, whether they’re satisfied with the results or more horrified from the encounter. You can sit there for as long as you need to in order to experience the people enjoying a good experience or those who didn’t get at all what they anticipated going in.

It will also tell you if the price point you anticipate is genuine or if people are caught unaware at the end of their session. No one wants to calculate what they’ve been quoted and then be told a completely different amount after completion, plus the need to add a 20% gratuity.

That’s definitely not cool. The best salon will be upfront when you contact them about pricing and stick with that when you go in. If things change, this is something you should find out about before it takes place in the chair so you can make a decision.

Final thought

It’s a definite challenge to choose the ideal stylist for your hair. Our appearance is ultimately the first impression with everyone, whether a business colleague or a social situation – before we ever say a word. Hair is a primary component to that first impression, second only to the smile we showcase. Find the ideal traits of the best stylist at

Our hair makes up a primary component of our attire. Despite how we dress, if our hair is a mess, it’s what the client remembers, the date, the head of the company; sometimes appearance trumps what you might say or do.

If you have a specific hue, say you go with purple and black lowlights, it speaks volumes to people around you before you can utter a word about your skills or qualifications. Unfortunately, not many people get to move beyond this to express their knowledge or abilities.

Regardless of who everyone around you thinks is the best in North Carolina, it’s ideally the one with whom you feel most comfortable and gives you a reason to sit in their chair.