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Interesting Facts About the NFL

Interesting Facts About the NFL
Here are some interesting facts about the NFL that you didn’t probably know:

NFL cheerleaders are paid only $50 a game

About 78% of NFL players have gone bankrupt or under financial stress

A standard NFL game only takes about 10 minutes or 43 seconds of action

Deion Sanders is the only player to achieve an MLB home run and NFL touchdown in the same week

Deion Sanders also the only player to play in the World Series and the Super Bowl

About 3,000 cows are used to make a full season's worth of NFL footballs

The Baltimore Ravens are named after Edgar Allan Poe's most famous poem, "The Raven." The team mascots are even named, Edgar, Allan and Poe!

For the past 10 years, there haven't been any white cornerbacks on any NFL team

The actress who plays Phyllis in The Office was once an NFL cheerleader


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