Reasons why world football is the world’s best sport

Reasons why world football is the world's best sport

Some individuals are debating what is the world’s most popular sport. Football and basketball are among the top liked games. Nevertheless, world soccer supporters are very reluctant to anyone who try to dispute these games. International Football brings people together from across the globe. That’s why football aggression and enthusiasm can be … Read more

What is the measurement of Football?

What is the measurement of Football

The soccer ball has undergone numerous transformations throughout history. So now you are thinking when football was invented and where and the ans is in 4th century at china. This first ball was made of leather and filled with mane and roots. However, it was used for military purposes. Since then, they … Read more

What are the best Vietnamese football players nowadays?

What are the best Vietnamese football players nowadays

Vietnamese football is becoming better and better in recent years with a huge number of excellent football matches and awards recognized by people not only in Vietnam but also in other nations. These victories can be achieved by a professional coach, a great team and the support of energetic fans. In terms … Read more

Football Positives and Negatives About Which Parents Should Know

Football Positives and Negatives About Which Parents Should Know

It’s football season again, keeping many Americans glued to their televisions on Sundays and Thursday nights as well. Football, and sports in general, can bind families together. It’s something that different generations have in common and over which they can bond. It makes sense that some kids who watch football will want to … Read more

Gareth Bale rejoins Tottenham on season-long loan

Gareth Bale

Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale has rejoined Tottenham Hotspur on a season-long loan after remaining seven years at the Santiago Bernabeu, according to talkSPORT. The 31-year-old has been strongly linked with a move to England, with the speculations intensifying after his agent said he wants a return to his previous club. Looking … Read more

Football players don’t like to play football

David Bentley

Football is a king sport, it is popular and widely known to everyone so all matters related to it are very much concerned. From tournaments, awards, good rankings to private life, the interests of famous football players are all noticed. We often hear about famous players with a strong passion for football. … Read more

The History of Tsu Chu

ancient Chinese playing football

The history of football is a lot older than you think. Although there are other prehistoric forms that are similar to football, the ancient Chinese are generally credited with the world’s first “kicking ball” sport, the tsu chu (or sometimes spelled as “cuju”). There have been debates as to when exactly this … Read more

The Best Football Players of the 80s

Football lying in a grassy field

American football is a passion for many in this country, with fans making sure to watch every game and follow their favorite players religiously. Every game has its defining moments, with the best players usually holding an important role in making football a definite part of the American sporting experience. There’s no … Read more

A Helpful Guide On Buying A Football Facemask

Facemask is an essential requirement for the majority of sports, which is necessitating wearing a helmet. Facemasks are designed for protecting the whole face, particularly the mouth, nose, and eyes. During hard contact sports such as baseball and football, players are focused more on playing rather than safety. A quality facemask permits … Read more

Top 5 NFL Moments of the 21st Century

Over the past 100 years or so, the National Football League has given us everything that a sports fan needs. Whether it’s been moments of shock or elation, or incredible displays of athleticism and technique, rarely a season has passed that hasn’t left an impression. The 20th century gave us iconic moments … Read more

How In-Play Football Betting Works

Betting on football events is very popular. This is because football, or soccer as it is called in some regions, is one of the biggest sports in the world. Football is so big that every four years, every other thing shuts down for the World Cup Competition. The same fever pitch surrounds … Read more