Rules to Follow While Exploring Abandoned Houses

Abandoned houses boast a dysphoric beauty and eerie appeal, enticing many thrill-seeking photographers and travelers. You might have seen these people’s pictures and stories, which proves how fascinating it is to exploit these former residences now devoid of human life. If you, too, want to experience this on your own, remember that these places can be dangerous and entering them is prohibited by the law. But, should you still dare to go and infiltrate them, here are the rules to follow while exploring abandoned houses!

Keep in mind that it’s illegal

The initial thing you need to know is that entering abandoned houses is that it is illegal. While these properties are jilted, they are still owned by specific persons, and they are nestling on private land, despite them being not taken care of or having succumbed to nature and time. So, that means being in there is trespassing, and chances are the owner doesn’t like you being on his property without him knowing.

Seek permission

Instead of sneaking in, why not ask for permission instead? Ask around the area or neighborhood to see if they know the house’s owner. If not, go online, look for the owner and ask for a visit. Rather than introducing yourself as a traveler or explorer, you have luck on tagging yourself as a photographer who wants to appreciate the uncanny charm of the place.

Do ample research

While you’re at it, try to find out why the house has been abandoned in the first place. Is it because the family had to relocate somewhere into a state? Was it caused by a natural disaster like a fire or flood? Did a tragic incident, like death or crime, forced the owners to leave the property behind? Knowing its history will help you appreciate the house and location more as you explore it.

Abandoned House

Check if the property is secure

This tip seems to be a no-brainer but is often overlooked by many people who visit abandoned houses. Sure, things go exciting as you enter the property. However, you should never get overwhelmed and miss out on ensuring your safety.

Inspect the house first by checking if there is debris that may fall. If the house was burned, see if the floor is still stable. You don’t want to fall through it and suffer from any injury. Remember, any accident that may happen inside the property will entirely be your fault, so safety should be one of your utmost priority.

Pack proper equipment

Fortunately, you can lessen the likelihood of mishaps by bringing in the proper equipment. Some of these essentials items include a rope, whistle, flashlight, and batteries. Gloves can help protect your hands when gripping or holding things, while masks can prevent you from inhaling dirt and dust. You can also add a first aid kit to treat any wound or cuts you may incur from the activity. Of course, your camera or smartphone will help you capture photos and document the incredible experience.

Never go alone

Don’t enter abandoned houses alone and bring in a friend or a small group. Not only do you get to share the thrill, but you also get to ensure your safety better. By doing so, you can be confident that there is someone to look after you. Yes, you may have your smartphone with you, but you won’t be able to use it if you fell through the floor and passed out. It is always better to bring along someone who can assist you during emergencies.

Abandoned Houses

Don’t run

There are two reasons why running isn’t an excellent idea. First, an abandoned house is neglected and unmaintained, meaning the structure is no longer sold and safe. If you run, you are most likely not wart of where you’re stepping, and the weight of your steps can easily cause any unstable surface to crack or fall. Thus, making you prone to injuries. Second, there are instances that you may encounter other persons in the property, probably a caretaker or, worst, authorities. Running can immediately imply that you’re guilty! If you see other individuals, be composed and try to reason out that you’re only there to relish the location.

Don’t forcibly enter the property

Just because a house is abandoned doesn’t give the right to any person to break or destroy it to enter the property. Only use pre-existing entry points, such as missing doors or broken fence, to go in. If it is locked, never force your way and just leave the house as-is. Accept that there are places that are not meant to be explored.

a Abandoned Houses

Don’t give a hint to your location

After taking photos, you might be excited to post them on your social media pages right away. However, don’t commit what most travelers do – tagging or mentioning the location of the abandoned house they’ve visited.

But why not? Well, you must take into account that not all people who might see your photo are responsible enough or are only looking to get the same experience as yours. There can be individuals with ill-intent who can have an idea where is their next destination.

Keep in mind all you can take from abandoned houses are photos and memories, and all you should leave are footprints. By keeping the location private, you safeguard the guard from people who may steal, vandalize, destroy the property and desecrate its history.


Visiting abandoned houses is genuinely thrilling and fun. Make the experience more memorable by following the abovelisted rules, ensuring that you get in and safe out of the property, and leaving the house exactly the same way when you entered its premises. Happy exploring!