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Lassie — the most beloved TV dog

  All about Lassie Lassie is a popular 1950s television series about a female collie, a dog named Lassie, and…

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Introduction to M*A*S*H

The origins of MASH   Mash (stylized as M*A*S*H on posters and media) is undoubtedly one of the classic American…

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Introduction to The Flintstones

What is “The Flintstones”? The Flintstones is an animated 1960s television sitcom that was broadcast on ABC. It was created…

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Review of Little House on The Prairie Episode – “In the Big Inning”

In The Big Inning I am reviewing the Little House on the Prairie episode in season two called “In the…

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Introduction to Happy Days

  What is “Happy Days”? Happy Days is an American Television series about life in the mid-1950s and 1960s. It…

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Introduction to Laverne and Shirley

What is Laverne and Shirley? Laverne and Shirley is a 1970s television comedy, about two roommates and their very hilarious…

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Introduction to Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek for starters Star Trek is an American television sci-fi series about a spaceship called the USS Enterprise and…

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Classic TV sitcoms – The Andy Griffith Show

  The Andy Griffith Show – one of the best-loved TV shows of all time The 1960’s American sitcom, The…

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Classic TV sitcoms – “Leave It to Beaver”

What’s “Leave It to Beaver” is all about? Leave it to Beaver is a popular 1950s American television series. The…

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