The Delightful Origins of Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb Logo

Phineas and Ferb are some of the most popular animated characters to date. Created for Disney, the comedy series first premiered in 2008, running till 2015. The program is about Phineas and his stepbrother Ferb Fletcher who are always up for a new project, annoying their little sister Candace.  Even though most … Read more

6 Best Gifts For Disney Loving Mom

6 Best Gifts For Disney Loving Mom

The World of Disney holds an endless charm for both kids and adults and we all love those classic Disney movies. This world of magical shows, cute characters, and dizzying rides continue to serve as the ultimate destination for many people. It is also the proverbial happy place where visitors set aside … Read more

Top Disney Dogs of All Time

A dog in a red sweater

The world is divided into cat and dog people, with some overlaps as well. The dogs of Disney, however, are almost universally appealing to viewers of all ages and backgrounds. They have their own unique personalities and are sometimes even the main character of the movie or show. Disney dogs are a … Read more

Top Disney Movies of the 2000s

Disneyland Castle at night

Disney movies are an undeniable part of our childhood. With the advanced animations and engaging storylines, many older children and adults are huge fans of Disney movies as well. While some might say that the top Disney movies of the 90s were the best ever, the 2000s had their fair share of … Read more


Disney games have taken the world by storm. Today, every child’s birthday wish is to visit Disney world. The mention of Aladdin or mickey mouse gives us nostalgia of our good old childhood memories. Disney games typically feature characters from our favorite movies such as The Lion King and Aladdin. The games … Read more

Top Disney Movies of the 80’s

Top Disney Movies of the 80s

Most of us have that one Disney movie that makes our hearts skip a beat even with just the mere mention of its title. That Disney movie that transports you back to the cinema where you first saw it. Disney movies are different for every generation but one thing they have in … Read more

12 Fun Facts About Big Hero 6

12 Fun Facts About Big Hero 6

The idea for Big Hero was loosely based on the Marvel comic book series; however, it only has the title and main character names in common. In order to blend eastern and western culture, the movie is set in a city, combining Tokyo and San Francisco, called San Fransokyo. Animators even went … Read more

11 Interesting Facts About Treasure Planet

Long John Silver a cyborg

As a way to modernize this film and its characters, the filmmakers made the character, Long John Silver a cyborg. The main character in this film, Jim Hawkins was based on James Dean’s personality.  The animator liked that you could feel the innocence, youthfulness, and pain of Dean’s personality and they wanted … Read more

11 Facts About Minnie Mouse

11 Facts About Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse’s mom and dad are both farmers. Minnie Mouse’s full name is Minerva Mouse. Minnie Mouse is an unofficial Disney princess. Mickey Mouse has an enemy named Mortimer Mouse, who is also Minnie’s ex-boyfriend. Minnie Mouse was voiced by Russi Taylor and Mickey Mouse was voiced by Wayne Allwine, and these … Read more

12 Interesting Facts about Mickey mouse

12 Interesting Facts about Mickey mouse

Walt Disney originally wanted to name Mickey Mouse, Mortimer Mouse; and it was not until Disney’s wife suggested naming him Mickey that his name was changed. In 1978 Mickey Mouse became the first cartoon character ever to be given a Hollywood Walk of Fame star of his own. “Hot dog” was the … Read more