The Effects of Red Light Cameras on Sarasota Car Accident Injury Claims


Vehicle mishaps at traffic signals, primarily those involving red-light running, can be physically and financially devastating. Skilled and experienced Sarasota accident attorneys have seen how introducing red-light cameras across the city has affected such cases, particularly concerning injury settlements. 

This short piece discusses the impact of red-light cameras on injury settlement cases and their probable implications on your financial compensation. 

Understanding the Red-Light Camera System in Sarasota

Sarasota City implemented an Intersection Safety Program to enhance road safety and discourage motorists from running red lights. The safety program uses advanced digital cameras and violation detection systems to capture traffic control regulation breaches. Ultimately, the program aims to minimize collisions and harm. 

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says red-light runners are accountable for hundreds of preventable mortalities and tens of thousands of injuries annually. For instance, about 130,000 sustained injuries, while 676 died in accidents involving running red lights in 2009 alone. So, the authorities needed to act proactively to halt these preventable tragic incidents. 

What Red Light Violation Entails

A red-light breach happens when a car crosses the white stop line after the traffic signal has turned red. It entails running straight through a red light and recklessly turning on a red light. 

Although traffic violation is a serious offense, a red light camera notice of breach does not appear on an offender’s driving record. Of course, this information does not mean you should flippantly engage in red light running, as the consequences may be unimaginable. 

Locations of Red Light Cameras

The authorities have placed red-light cameras at different intersections throughout the city through the Intersection Safety Program. Some popular locations include the intersections along North Washington Boulevard, Bahia Vista Street, North Tamiami Trail, and Fruitville Road. 

How Red Light Cameras Work

The relevant authorities have equipped every red-light camera intersection with a high-definition video camera. The sensors at each intersection activate the cameras. The sensors ensure the camera captures video footage and is still shot when it detects a car running a red light. 

The Sarasota City Police Department evaluates all breaches before issuing a Notice of Violation to ensure objectivity and accuracy. 

The Implications of Red Light Camera Violation on Your Injury Settlement Case

When law enforcement catches you running a red light through one of its cameras, it can significantly affect your subsequent personal injury claim or lawsuit. The photo and video evidence from the red-light cameras can serve as valid proof of liability in a vehicle accident matter. Hence, it becomes a veritable ground for the injured victim to get the deserved financial compensation. 

It is essential to hire a passionate accident attorney if you sustain injuries in a car crash involving a red light breach. Contact a lawyer who is visibly ready to help you get the desired outcome. 

The Impact of Red Light Cameras on Florida

The use of red-light cameras in Sarasota and other places has helped to ensure road safety. The cameras help to alter motorists’ driving behavior. Furthermore, they greatly influence the result of personal injury matters related to red-light running mishaps. 

As Sarasota keeps broadening its reach through the installation of these cameras, it is crucial to know their consequences. 

“Contact a local accident lawyer if you or your loved one has sustained harm because of a red light runner in Sarasota. The lawyer will liaise with you to ensure you receive maximum financial compensation,” says attorney Gregory J. Perenich of Perenich Law Injury Attorneys

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