The Rise of Plastic Surgery in the World Today


Beauty has always been a priority for many people, so the trend in plastic surgery should not be surprising. Plastic surgery has become more common in recent times than it has ever been with advancements in treatments and it being more accessible. More people are considering surgical procedures to improve their appearance to meet their body goals or appear more appealing to others.

Cosmetic surgeries allow people to achieve their dream appearance using safe practices. No matter how many people frown upon these operations, they have many physical and aesthetic benefits. The recipients of these surgeries are also widely known to receive a boost of self-esteem after the procedure. 

As plastic surgery has become popular, we will be looking at how that popularity varies across different countries. Some countries have a higher percentage of people who undergo cosmetic surgery as opposed to others. This article will dive deeper into these statistics.

How Popular is Plastic Surgery Globally?

Statistics show breast enlargement procedures are the most popular, with 15 percent of cosmetic surgeries being breast implants. The second most popular surgical procedure is liposuction. The second to last popular is breast implant surgery, and the least popular is labiaplasty, making up 1.6 percent and 1.3 percent of operations, respectively.

Many other surgical procedures are offered worldwide, varying between different regions. The United States of America performs more plastic surgeries than any other country. These rankings are heavily influenced by the United States and its cultural emphasis on beauty. “The plastic surgery business is flourishing in the United States and is only expected to grow further,” says Bill Fukui of MedShark Digital.

South Korea is also a prevalent nation for plastic surgery. This may be because of the recent Westernization of Asian culture. South America ranks highly, perhaps because of the cheaper costs compared to other places like North America.

Particular Surgeries and Where They Are Most Popular

Different types of surgeries rank differently around the world. Some specific procedures are more fashionable in some countries for various reasons. Here are four examples.

  1. Breast enlargement surgeries are most popular in North America. 
  2. China records the highest number of liposuction surgeries per person. 
  3. East Asia generally sees the most eye reshaping and eyelid surgeries.
  4. Turkey is the leading global country in rhinoplasties (nose jobs), followed by Thailand. 

Surgical Discoveries Among Gender

These days, plastic surgeries are not just a female thing. Both men and women now undergo surgical procedures to enhance their appearance. There are some compelling details regarding gender.

As expected, statistics still show that women undergo more surgeries than men. One reason could be that most surgeries have been women-centered over the years. However, when researching the procedures that involve both men and women, women still receive them over men by a substantial margin.

For example, liposuction and tummy tucks are two surgical procedures available for both men and women. For liposuction, women who undergo this make up 85 percent. Similarly, women comprise 86 percent of those who experience tummy tuck operations. 

To Summarize

Because of the rise of plastic surgery technology, expertise, and availability, we can only expect the industry to continue to grow. In the modern age, many people consider plastic surgery to fit specific beauty standards or be more confident in their appearance.  This continued growth has led to a further emphasis on recipients researching multiple plastic surgeons in their area. If you are a plastic surgeon looking to grow your business, consider contacting MedShark Digital.

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