Tips for Exploring Abandoned Places


There are a lot of weird but wonderful abandoned places, from a Mexican village that was half-buried in lava or a shopping mall in Bangkok that is now home to thousands of koi. These sites have several people, such as thrill-seeking travelers and curious photographers attracted to their mysteriousness and beauty. In this day and age, most of you probably read and watched a lot of blogs of other people who go in these abandoned places and explore what’s inside of it, and you probably wanted to go there yourself, too. Well, the truth is you can, but there are some things you need to remember before you go and explore these abandoned places.

If it’s illegal, ask permission – Most abandoned locations sit on private property, and they are sometimes owned by a family even if it looks like the land and the building has been forgotten in time. It might be tempting to assume that no one will care or even notice that someone will sneak into these kinds of places. Nevertheless, you still need to ask the owner’s permission before you go off and explore their property. That is why it is best to take your time and research the abandoned place you want to explore. Find out if they are actually open to explorers or if it’s okay with the owner for you to visit. Remember, even if they are forgotten and abandoned, trespassing into these kinds of properties is still against the law.

Know the dangers – When you’re exploring abandoned places, chances are it has rotten floorboards, walls, or ceilings. But, that’s just the start because sometimes, abandoned places used to be mining sites, and there are chances that the land is too fragile or there are elevated chemical levels that can be bad for your health. That is why it is best to do some research and background check about the abandoned place you want to go to so that you will be informed of the risks that you’re going to take should you continue to explore your chosen abandoned location.

Pack everything you need, especially protection – Abandoned places are most likely located off the grid. They are mostly separated from a tourist hotspot’s hustle and bustle. That is why it is best to have a travel insurance plan just in case anything goes wrong with your adventure. Make sure that you pack snacks, water, batteries, flashlights, and your phone.

Start by exploring abandoned places that are open to the public – If it is your first time going to explore an abandoned area, it is best to try to familiarize yourself with all of the explorations and go to an abandoned place that is open to the public. Because even if they are not often easy to reach, some of the most beautiful abandoned places here on Earth are accessible to the public, such as Chernobyl in Pripyat, Ukraine, or the Skellig Michael in Ireland.

Do not steal or bring home souvenirs from abandoned places – Part of what gives these abandoned places their eerie charm and the thrill of exploring these places is the thought that humans occupied these places once upon a time. The things that its past occupants left add to the charm of the abandoned place. That is why it is best if you resist the urge to grab memorabilia or an artifact on your way out.

Do not cause any damage – As we mentioned, as you’re exploring an abandoned place, chances are you will come across something fascinating such as antiques or art. That is why aside from not bringing home any of these bits and pieces, make sure that you do not damage anything inside the abandoned place. Because if you enter an abandoned building, cause damage, and vandalize, you will no longer be an urban explorer – you’re already a criminal. That is why even if the abandoned place is already deteriorating, it is still important to remember not to break anything or take anything. Remember, you must leave nothing but footprints so that other people can enjoy their visit, too.

If you get caught, relax and don’t panic – Being caught while exploring an abandoned place is an inevitable happening. That is why if it ever happens to you, always remember to stay calm because getting caught and how you handle it can affect you wherever you are.

When you get caught exploring a privately owned house or location, you cannot just apologize and offer to leave the place. Remember that if the person who found you is not threatening you, it will help if you’re going to be respectful towards them.

Do not forget to take photos and videos during your journey – One of the best ways to remember the abandoned place you already explored is to keep photos and videos of the place. Photos can give life and relevance to the abandoned place that most people do not notice.

Not only that, but your photos can also be your proof if you get caught exploring since photography is a valid reason for being on the property. Just say that you’re documenting the place and you do not intend to cause damage.

Remember to relax and enjoy – It’s important to be prepared for what will happen when you go exploring abandoned places. Still, it is also important to relax and allow yourself to see and soak up the sights and sounds of your newly discovered place. Do not forget to explore the place with respect, be safe, and use good common sense. But no matter what, remember that you’re there to have some fun.

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