Who were all the Disney Princes?


If there are Disney Princesses, most of them have their male counterparts and love interests – the Disney Princes. These are the male leads that are paired with the princess. These are men who have smitten the ladies with their charm and unique personalities. Some are born of royal heritage, and some became royals by marrying the princess. Also, some aren’t considered royalty but are still considered a Disney Prince because of their love interests who are official Disney princesses.

Here is the official list of the Disney Princes.

The Prince / Prince Florian

The Prince is Snow White’s love interest in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. His name wasn’t outright stated in the film, but he is known as Prince Florian or Prince Ferdinand. However, the name Prince Florian was the official one when the Disney Princess franchise started.

While the Prince was traveling near the Queen’s castle, he hears Snow White singing into the wishing well. He approaches her and starts singing with her, but she was frightened and ran from him and into the castle. However, he continues singing beneath her balcony as he has already fallen in love with her. The Prince appears again in the ending after Snow White was poisoned through an apple by her stepmother. He awakens her with a kiss, saves her, and ultimately live happily ever after with her.

During the time of development, the Prince was the first realistic human male that Disney animators attempted to bring to life. They found that he was the hardest of all the characters to animate, so his role was made into a minor role – where he only makes two appearances.

Prince Charming / Prince Henry

We all know that Prince Charming is Cinderella’s Prince, but do you know his name is Henry? Prince Charming is the main male protagonist in Cinderella and its sequels. He appears to be a loyal husband and a future king. Prince Charming wasn’t interested in marrying, but his dad, the King, wants to get his son to marry and provide him some grandchildren. He planned a grand ball to be held and invited all eligible maidens of the kingdom to come so that his son can choose a bride. Cinderella and her stepfamily receive the invitation.

When the grand ball started, Prince Charming is still not interested in finding a woman until she saw Cinderella arrive at the ball. He instantly falls in love with her and dances only with her for the entire night. However, Cinderella is forced to leave at midnight before the magic of Fairy Godmother is broken. As she runs away from the Prince, one of her glass slippers are left on the grand staircase, but she continues to run.

After Prince Charming failed to pursue her, he declared that whoever fits the shoe will become his bride. After days of fitting the shoe to every eligible bachelorette in the kingdom, the Grand Duke comes to Cinderella’s house, places the shoe on her foot, and it fits perfectly. Cinderella eventually went on to marry the Prince, and they rode off in a carriage to a happily ever after.

Prince Phillip

Prince Philip is the main male protagonist in the film Sleeping Beauty, and the love interest and later husband of Princess Aurora. At an early age, Prince Philip was betrothed to Princess Aurora, much to his apparent chagrin. But to protect the princess from the Maleficent’s curse, she is brought to and raised in a secluded forest for 16 years by three good fairies. Aurora and Phillip somehow met in the woods and fell deeply in love.

They both did not remember each other from their childhood, but they felt as if they had met before. Unfortunately, the curse on Aurora was fulfilled on her 16th birthday, and she falls into a deep slumber. Later on, Phillip defeats Maleficent with the help of the good fairies. He then kisses Aurora, and she awakens. They live happily ever after.

Prince Phillip appears to be brave, kind, and loyal. He’s the first prince to ever have a name revealed in the film, and the first one to have a prominent role in the movie as he is seen in most of it. Prince Phillip is also the first prince to have met his partner since she was born.

Prince Eric

The main male protagonist of The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric, is the human who captured Ariel’s heart. Ariel is a mermaid, and she saves Eric from drowning from the lifeboat. As she got him to the shore, she sings to him, and her beautiful singing voice instantly smites prince Eric. But once Eric regained his consciousness, Ariel dives back into the sea, and the two didn’t meet. Eric then decides that he will only marry the girl with the beautiful voice who saved him.

As Ariel wanted to be part of Eric’s world, she sold her voice to Ursula, the Sea Witch in exchange for legs. When Ariel returns to shore as a mute person, Prince Eric doesn’t recognize that she was the one who saved him. Soon, Ursula transforms herself into a beautiful woman named Vanessa and uses Ariel’s voice to trick Eric into wanting him to marry her. This almost happens, but Ariel managed to crash their wedding with the help of her fish friends, and her voice returns to her.

But the story doesn’t stop there. Ariel transforms back into a mermaid, while Vanessa becomes Ursula again. Now, Ursula is determined to kill both Ariel and Eric. Eric manages to impale Ursula using the stern of a sunken ship, and both their lives are saved. With the help of his father, King Triton, Ariel soon becomes a real human and she spends a happily ever after with Eric as a human.

Beast / Prince Adam

The other half of Beauty and the Beast, Prince Adam is the love interest and later husband of Belle. Mostly in the film, he was seen as a beast, but he then transforms back into his human form. At the age of 11, he was turned into a monster by an Enchantress because of his attitude – he was selfish, arrogant, and spoiled. Prince Adam is given ten years to find someone who loves him for him, and he also loves in return, or else the spell will no longer be reversed. Shortly after his 21st birthday, he finds Belle’s dad, Maurice, in his castle and locks him in the dungeon.

Belle comes looking for his father and trades her freedom for Maurice’s. Eventually, she and the Beast fall in love, but after she finds out that her father is sick and nearing death, he sets her free. After a series of events, a mob comes to kill the Beast, which is led by his rival suitor Gaston. He is too sad and heartbroken from Belle’s departure to even stop them.

Gaston attacks him, and the Beast is too miserable to fight back. Suddenly, Belle shows up, and the Beast fights back, eventually gripping Gaston by the throat over the ledge until Gaston pleads for his life. The Beast comes back to his senses and pulls Gaston back and tells him to get out. Belle approaches her. Gaston fights back and stabs her on the side, but in the process, he loses balance and falls from the castle roof. Belle brings the Beast back up on the balcony, and his love for him breaks the spell. The Beast is revived as Prince Adam, and they live happily ever after.


Aladdin is the protagonist of his eponymous film, Aladdin and its sequels. He is the love interest and later husband of Princess Jasmine. He’s the only Prince to be the main protagonist of the movie and the first who isn’t from royalty since birth. He was a street rat and an orphaned thief and had a pet monkey named Abu. He acquired a flying rug with no name and a retired Genie from the Cave of Wonders. The Genie gives him three wishes.

After meeting Princess Jasmine, Aladdin was in love. So to pursue her, he asks for the Genie to turn him to a prince as Prince Ali Ababwa. After a romantic carpet ride, he and Jasmine are to announce their love for each other to the kingdom the next morning, but Aladdin is feels guilty for lying. He goes on to tell Jasmine the truth, but by then, the city became under attack by Jafar who stole the Genie’s lamp. Jafar banished Aladdin with Abu and his carpet to the ends of the earth.

Fortunately, Aladdin managed to return with his friends to fight Jafar. The sorcerer imprisons Jasmine, destroys the carpet, and transforms Abu into a toy. Soon enough, Jafar turns like a giant snake and begins to crush Aladdin in his coils. Aladdin quickly tricks Jafar into making him use the sorcerer’s last wish to become a genie. This gets Jafar and his sidekick trapped in a lamp and banished at the Cave of Wonders. After Jafar is defeated and the Genie is freed by Aladdin, the Sultan decrees that Princess Jasmine can marry whomever she deems worthy. The two were given a blessing to live happily ever after.

John Smith

Captain John Smith is Pocahontas’ love interest from the film Pocahontas. He is a well-respected, handsome, and adventurous explorer chosen to be captain of the settlers in the New World. John Smith was the first Disney Prince who isn’t a real prince but is based on a real-life person. He was more interested in land than gold and is ready to conquer it. Pocahontas spies on him, and one time he notices someone following him. He readies his gun, but he discovers a beautiful woman.

Despite the language barrier, John Smith and Pocahontas managed to talk and tell each other their different names for things and their lifestyle. Unintentionally, John insults her by talking about how his people improved the lives of “savages” everywhere. He apologizes, and Pocahontas responds by showing him how beautiful nature is. As she does so, John falls in love with Pocahontas and earns her respect for her and the people.

After a series of events, Pocahontas’ fiancé named Kocoum is killed after attacking John for Kissing Pocahontas. Because of this, the Powhatans take revenge by sending John to execution. Pocahontas later saves him from his fate, but he is still shot by Governor Ratcliffe, who was outraged by his alliance with the Powhatans. John had to go back to England, and the tow shares a tearful goodbye.

Captain Li Shang

Mulan’s love interest, Captain Li Shang, is a Chinese army captain. In the first movie of Mulan, he was seen as a highly capable leader dedicated to his cause. At times, he is too strict and abiding by the rules and puts his duty above his feelings.

Shortly after his introduction in the movie, Li Shang is appointed as an army captain by his father. Later on, he becomes friends with Ping, who is Fa Mulan disguised as a man. At first, he was disappointed with Mulan and his other trainees, but she gained his respect as she was determined to be a better soldier. After a series of events, Ping saves his life.

Shortly after, Shang finds out that Ping is actually a lady disguised as a man, which is forbidden by Imperial Law and punishable by death. Later on, he spares her life and helps her save the Empire. In the end, they become a love interest, and fiancé and husband in Mulan II.

Prince Naveen

Prince Naveen is a laid-back prince from The Princess and the Frog. He’s the eldest Prince of the kingdom Maldonia, who is quite the freeloader and loves to party. Eventually, his parents, the King and Queen of Maldonia, were fed up with Prince Naveen, and he was cut off and disinherited from the royal family. Naveen was forced to find a way to become self-sufficient to survive. He then travels to New Orleans and woos all the girls in the city.

However, he is only after Charlotte La Bouff, the daughter of the richest Sugar Baron in New Orleans, to get the money he needs to go back to being rich. After being conned by a voodoo witch doctor Dr. Facilier, he is then transformed into a frog while his servant Lawrence takes his form. From there, he goes on to accidentally turn Tiana, Charlotte’s best friend, into a frog and gets them both chased into a swamp. As he goes on a series of misadventures with her, he discovers he is in love with Tiana and tried to propose to her. However, Dr. Facilier captures him before he gets the chance. Tiana defeats the voodoo doctor and kisses Charlotte (who was a princess for a day) to become a human again.

But the moment was too late, and Charlotte isn’t a princess anymore. He goes on to get married to Tiana in a frog form. Once they kiss, they both become human again, because marrying a prince made Tiana, a princess. They both go and live happily ever after co-owning Tiana’s restaurant.

Prince Eugene Fitzherbert / Flynn Rider

Out of his embarrassment from his birth name, Eugene Fitzherbert changed his name to Flynn Rider. He is a famous thief known as the love interest of Rapunzel in her eponymous film. He stole the princess’s crown and takes shelter in a secluded tower in the woods, where Rapunzel is locked in. Rapunzel captures him and knocks him out three times. After Flynn regained his consciousness, she made a deal with him to take her to the Kingdom and watch the annual Floating Lantern ceremony on her birthday, and if he does and brings her home safely, then she’ll return his satchel where he put the stolen crown.

At first, Flynn finds Rapunzel as a nuisance, but he soon starts to fall in love with her. After a romantic evening under thousands of floating lanterns, Rapunzel gives back his satchel. Flynn decides to give up his dreams of being rich to be with Rapunzel and tries to give the crown to the Stabbington Brothers. However, they know about Rapunzel’s magic hair and plans to use her for money. Flynn is knocked unconscious and tied to a boat, which the brothers set to sail towards the kingdom.

When Rapunzel sees his silhouette on the boat sailing away, she is tricked into believing that Flynn abandoned her. She then returns to the tower with her Mother Gothel. Flynn was thrown in jail and sentenced to death, but the Pub Thugs and Maximus helps him escape. Flynn rushes to save Rapunzel from her stepmother. They end up saving each other, as Flynn cut Rapunzel’s hair to let her go from Mother Gothel, while Rapunzel heals his wounds with her magic tears. After that, Rapunzel is reunited with her family, discovering that she is the long-lost princess. Flynn gave up his former ways, was pardoned.

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