Guide to Abandoned Places Around the World


Many abandoned places around the world are surrounded by intrigues and mysteries. They often draw adventurers and curious souls to explore their silent halls and deserted streets. From ghost towns filled with tales of long-gone eras to abandoned amusement parks that no longer echo with laughter, these places offer a unique view into a world frozen in time.

This article is a guide to some of the most fascinating abandoned places around the world. Each location, whether it’s a deserted hotel, a forgotten military base, or a derelict industrial site, tells a story of its past, capturing the imagination and inviting exploration. As we discover and learn about these wonders, we will also uncover the history, mystery, and appeal that these places hold. With this, read on and learn more about the abandoned places around the world.

Why Do Places Get Abandoned?

old houses and structures in an abandoned town

Abandoned places are often seen as mysterious and haunting. However, they become that way for different reasons. Understanding why these sites are left deserted offers insight into the history and circumstances that led to their abandonment. Below are some of the reasons places get abandoned:

  • Economic Factors: A lot of towns and cities were built around specific industries. When these industries decline or move elsewhere, the economic support for these areas disappears, leading to abandonment. For example, towns, particularly those founded on mining or other extractive industries, become ghost towns once the resources are depleted. In addition to that, economic downturns, such as real estate crashes, can also lead to the abandonment of homes, commercial buildings, and even entire neighborhoods.
  • Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can render areas uninhabitable, forcing communities to leave and relocate. Aside from that, changes like drought or desertification can make living in certain areas unsustainable, gradually leading to their abandonment.
  • ManMade Disasters: Disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima resulted in large-scale evacuations, leaving behind ghost towns in previously thriving areas. Wars and civil unrest can lead to the destruction of infrastructure and homes, making areas unsafe and leading to mass migration and abandonment.
  • Sociopolitical Changes: The global trend towards urbanization sees people moving from rural areas to cities in search of better opportunities, leaving some small towns and villages deserted. Decisions made at higher political or economic levels can lead to the decline of certain areas, such as the closing of military bases or shifts in trade routes.
  • Planned Relocation: The construction of large infrastructure projects like dams often requires the relocation of people, leading to the abandonment of communities. Sometimes, urban renewal projects or changes in urban planning can lead to the displacement of communities and the abandonment of old neighborhoods.
  • Health Epidemics: Historical instances like the plague or modern occurrences like Ebola in certain regions have led to the abandonment of affected areas due to fear and loss of population.

The abandonment of places is a multifaceted phenomenon, often resulting from a combination of economic, environmental, sociopolitical, and health-related factors. Each abandoned site has its unique story, reflecting the complex interplay of human endeavors and external forces. Understanding these reasons not only satisfies our curiosity but also provides lessons on the resilience and vulnerability of human settlements.

Ghost Towns

the ghost town of Bodie in California

A ghost town is often defined as an abandoned village, town, or city. It is usually one that contains substantial visible remains. Initially thriving, these towns have fallen into disuse and become deserted. The abandonment can result from a variety of factors, including economic decline, war, natural disasters, or shifting human populations due to changing industrial demands or environmental changes.

Ghost towns are like time capsules, offering a glimpse into past lifestyles and historical periods. They are often sought after by historians, researchers, and archaeology enthusiasts eager to learn about the past. The eerie, deserted landscapes of ghost towns provide unique and compelling subjects for photographers and artists, who find beauty in the decay and the stories these places silently tell.

There’s a cultural allure to exploring ghost towns, partly fueled by literature, films, and folklore that often depict these places as mysterious or haunted. This fascination drives tourism and adventure exploration. Visiting ghost towns can be an educational experience, offering insights into the socio-economic and environmental factors that lead to the rise and fall of communities.

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Abandoned Amusement Parks

an abandoned amusement park

Amusement parks are typically associated with joy, laughter, and fun. However, when they become abandoned, the stark contrast between their lively past and silent present creates a poignant and intriguing atmosphere. This contrast often stirs a deep sense of curiosity and nostalgia in visitors and onlookers.

Deserted amusement parks offer a unique visual appeal. Overgrown with vegetation, rusting rides, and faded colors contribute to a surreal and photogenic landscape. Photographers and filmmakers frequently seek out these sites for their haunting beauty and the eerie sense of a lost utopia they evoke. They also often serve as powerful symbols of the transitory nature of pleasure and the inevitable passage of time. They can be seen as metaphors for forgotten dreams or the decline of once-thriving places, making them subject to artistic and philosophical interpretation.

For urban explorers, these parks are a playground of exploration, offering a unique adventure into a world that feels both familiar and otherworldly. Navigating through the remnants of roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, and concession stands provides a thrilling experience distinct from other forms of exploration. 

In essence, the fascination with deserted amusement parks lies in their ability to evoke a mix of emotions – nostalgia, sadness, intrigue, and even fear. They stand as reminders of short-lived joy and the ever-changing tides of fortune, beckoning those intrigued by their stories to explore their derelict grounds.

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Deserted Hotels and Resorts

inside a room of an abandoned hotel

Deserted hotels and resorts often retain traces of their former grandeur, with once-lavish lobbies, ballrooms, and guest rooms now standing silent and empty. This association of elegance and decay creates a captivating scene that intrigues explorers and history enthusiasts alike. These abandoned places are rich with stories, from the heydays of bustling activity to the gradual decline and eventual abandonment. They often harbor tales of famous guests, grand events, or even scandals, adding layers of intrigue and mystery.

Many abandoned hotels and resorts are architectural marvels, representing the styles and preferences of the era in which they were built. Their unique designs, from classic to modernist, attract architects, artists, and photographers interested in documenting and studying these structures. The empty corridors and vacant rooms of deserted hotels evoke a strong sense of mystery. This is often amplified by the personal items and furnishings left behind, which can provide a haunting glimpse into the lives of former guests and workers.

The abandonment of hotels and resorts can often reflect broader socioeconomic changes, such as shifts in travel trends, economic downturns, or the development of new tourist destinations. Exploring these sites can offer insights into these larger societal shifts.

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Abandoned Military Bases

an abandoned concrete military bunker

Military bases, often associated with secrecy and national defense, inherently carry an aura of mystery. When abandoned, this sense of intrigue is amplified as they become silent guardians of past military secrets and strategies. The curiosity about what occurred behind these now-silent walls draws historians, explorers, and enthusiasts alike.

These forsaken military installations are rich in history, having once played critical roles in national defense or global conflicts. Exploring them offers a unique window into the military past, including wartime strategies, technological advancements, and geopolitical dynamics of different eras. They also often contain unique architectural designs and remnants of advanced technology exclusive to military use. This includes bunkers, control rooms, and intricate tunnel systems, which are of particular interest to those fascinated by military engineering and architecture.

The abandonment of military bases often symbolizes the end of conflicts or changes in defense strategies. They stand as poignant reminders of peace, conflict, and the ever-evolving nature of geopolitical power. These sites are important for preserving military heritage. They serve as tangible links to past conflicts and defense strategies, providing educational and commemorative value. For more information, you may read our article Echoes of the Past: Discovering the Mysteries of Abandoned Military Sites in the United States

Abandoned Hospitals and Asylums

inside an abandoned hospital

Vacant hospitals and asylums are often associated with an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. The once bustling corridors and treatment rooms, now silent and decaying, evoke a profound sense of disquiet. This atmosphere is heightened by the knowledge of the intense human experiences that these places once witnessed, from suffering and illness to healing and hope.

These abandoned medical facilities often date back to times when medical practices were vastly different from today. This historical context adds a layer of intrigue as explorers and historians uncover old medical equipment, patient records, and treatment rooms that tell tales of archaic and sometimes controversial medical practices. These facilities are frequently featured in popular culture and folklore, often portrayed as haunted or sinister. This portrayal feeds into the public’s fascination with the paranormal and heightens the eerie allure of these abandoned sites.

The unique and often chilling environment of deserted hospitals and asylums makes them popular destinations for urban explorers and photographers. Exploring these spaces can provide insight into how societal attitudes toward mental illness and its treatment have evolved over time.

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Abandoned Transportation

old, abandoned cars in the forest

In addition to places, there are also many abandoned transportation around the world, such as trains, airplanes, ships, and cars. 

  • Train Stations and Railways: Abandoned train stations and railways hold a romantic and nostalgic appeal. They symbolize journeys that were once taken and destinations no longer visited. The silent tracks and platforms are poignant reminders of a bygone era of travel and industry.
  • Airfields and Airplanes: Deserted airfields and grounded aircraft capture the imagination with their tales of former adventures and explorations. The vastness of empty runways and the sight of aircraft frozen in time evoke a sense of wonder about the stories they hold.
  • Ships and Maritime Vessels: Abandoned ships, from massive ocean liners to smaller maritime vessels, are fascinating for their nautical tales. Left to decay in docks or even stranded on shores, they serve as haunting relics of the maritime past, evoking stories of travel, commerce, and adventure.
  • Bus Depots and Vehicles: Vacant bus depots and decommissioned buses often lie in obscurity, yet they are rich in stories of everyday commutes and the people who passed through their doors. These sites and vehicles reflect the changing dynamics of urban development and public transportation.

These transportation hubs and vehicles often reflect the cultural and historical context of their time. They can be remnants of pivotal moments in history, such as war, technological advancements, or significant shifts in transportation trends. The aesthetic of rusting vehicles, empty tracks, and silent hangars offers a unique setting for photographers and urban explorers. These sites provide a visual feast that captures the contrast between past activity and present abandonment.

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Strange Abandoned Places

strange abandoned dome houses in Florida

There are also a lot of strange abandoned places in different parts of the world. Some of them make us wonder about their purpose and why they are built.

  • Unusual Theme Parks and Attractions: Beyond conventional amusement parks, there are unique attractions like abandoned fairytale parks, dinosaur parks, or themed educational sites. These places, once full of life and imagination, now sit in eerie silence, their fantastical structures and figures providing an uncanny contrast to their deserted surroundings.
  • Mysterious Structures and Monuments: Around the world, there are numerous abandoned structures whose purposes remain enigmatic, from massive concrete towers to unexplained monuments. These mysterious structures often become subjects of urban legends and conspiracy theories, adding to their allure.
  • Underground Tunnels and Cities: Around the world, there are numerous abandoned structures whose purposes remain enigmatic, from massive concrete towers to unexplained monuments. These mysterious structures often become subjects of urban legends and conspiracy theories, adding to their allure.
  • Abandoned Scientific and Research Facilities: Facilities like old observatories, particle accelerators, or experimental laboratories that have been left to decay often have a strange and intriguing appeal. These sites, once on the cutting edge of science, now stand as reminders of the transient nature of human pursuit.
  • Deserted Islands with a Story: Islands that have been abandoned due to natural disasters, political shifts, or environmental reasons often have intriguing histories. From former penal colonies to isolated communities, these islands are time capsules of the human stories that once unfolded there.
  • Culturally Significant Ruins: Places like ancient temples, forgotten cities, or ceremonial sites that have fallen into ruin are not just abandoned; they are windows into past civilizations. Their mysterious pasts and the secrets they may hold continue to intrigue archaeologists and history enthusiasts.
  • Abandoned Film and TV Sets: Sets that were once used for movies or TV shows and then left intact can be strangely surreal to visit. These sets, ranging from western towns to sci-fi landscapes, offer a behind-the-scenes look at the entertainment world, now quiet and forgotten.
  • Eccentric Personal Properties: Some abandoned sites were once personal properties or creations of individuals with unique visions, such as unusual homes, artistic installations, or private theme parks. These places often reflect the eccentricities and imagination of their creators.

These strange and unusual abandoned places capture our imagination not just for their state of disrepair but for the stories they tell and the mysteries they hold. They represent the quirky, the forgotten, and the enigmatic aspects of human creation, offering a fascinating journey into the oddities of our world. Below are some of our articles that talk about strange abandoned places around the world:


Exploring abandoned places worldwide takes us on a unique trip into history. Each location, from ghost towns to old amusement parks and military bases, has its own story hidden in its quiet, decaying spaces. These sites remind us of the temporary nature of human activities and make us think about how time and history change. In visiting these places, we satisfy our curiosity and connect with a past world, helping us understand the constant changes in our history.

If you are looking for more information or still curious about the abandoned places around the world that you can discover, below are some more articles that you can read to learn more about them:

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