Guide to the Absolutely Strangest Things on Earth


Many people love learning about a good mystery. There are lots of stories out there about strange and unusual things. It’s because our planet is filled with places and things that are surreal, eerie, and sometimes downright bizarre. Even though many of these things have logical or scientific explanations, some still remain strange and unsolved. 

If you’re someone who enjoys looking at strange photos, reading unusual stories, and researching about the most bizarre things, then you’d probably love what we’re giving you today. To satisfy your mind’s cravings for all things weird, here’s a guide to the absolutely strangest things on earth.

Abandoned Places

man standing in an abandoned area

Among the many strange places in the world, abandoned places are one that would make you ask why they have been abandoned. It is somehow thrilling to learn about the stories behind those places. Some of these places are beautiful, while others are very creepy. Here are some examples of the strangest abandoned places in the world:

  • Dundas Castle, New York: This is an elegant castle that was designed by architect Bradford L. Gilbert for his wife. However, before it was completed, Gilbert died, and his wife committed herself to a hospital. This means that no one got a chance to live in it. But there are legends about the ghost of Dundas that roams through the halls of this castle.
  • Kayakoy, Turkey: Kayakoy in Turkey is nestled among the Taurus Mountains. It is a town that has been deserted since the 1920s because of the political population exchange with Greece. There are about 350 vacant homes here, making it one of the most popular abandoned places in the world.
  • Gouqi Island, China: This island is located on the Yangtze River in China. This fishing village is known for its lush buildings covered in greenery and ivy.
  • Dadipark, Dadizele, Belgium: Dadipark is among the chic amusement parks in Belgium that got closed down when a young boy lost his arm in one of the rides. Even though there are many stories about its renovations and reopening places, the park remained rusted ad abandoned. 
  • Hotel del Salto, Columbia: This hotel was once a luxurious hotel that was built in the early 1920a in the city of San Antonio del Tequendama. However, as time passed, the Bogota river got contaminated, and tourism in this place declined. Eventually, the hotel was closed for good and is now believed to be haunted. 

These are just a few examples of the strangest abandoned places in the world. If you’d like to learn more places and discover the stories behind them, check out our list of articles that are all about abandoned places in different parts of the world:

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Amazing Architecture & Buildings

the Lotus Temple

Also included in this topic are the strange but amazing architecture and buildings. When you like to learn about the history of a certain place when you travel, one of the best ways is by looking at its iconic buildings, as it can also tell you something about a place. Here are some examples of the amazing architecture and buildings in different parts of the world:

  • Lotus Temple, New Delhi: This is a Bahá’í House of Worship in New Delhi. It has 27 structures that resemble the petals of the lotus flower. The surface of this building is made of white marble that is sourced from Mount Pentelicus in Greece, which is the same marble used to build the Parthenon. 
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow: The bright and colorful cathedral is the most visited tourist attraction in Moscow. It is shaped to resemble the flame of a bonfire rising to the sky. It also marks the geometric center of the city. 
  • Fallingwater, Pennsylvania: This building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934. It is one of the most popular private residences in the world. It has a strange design that makes the house looks like it stretches out over a waterfall without any solid ground underneath. It is now a historic landmark.
  • Heydar Aliyev Centre, Baku: This strange building was designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, and it can be found in Azerbaijan. It is popular for its distinctive, flowing lines and lack of sharp angles.

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Strange & Unusual Happenings

Our planet also never fails to surprise us with something unusual from time to time. This may include beautiful sceneries like amazing waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and breathtaking rivers. However, those things are quite common these days. But there will always be news about something completely strange that will surely grab your attention. Here are some examples of the strangest phenomena around the world:

  • Blood Falls in Antarctica: In Antarctica, there is a waterfall that shoots blood-red water into a river. This waterfall was first discovered in 1911 in the Eastern part of Antarctica. Based on studies, the origin of the blood-red water was oxidized iron in brine saltwater, which is the same procedure that causes iron to turn red due to rusting.
  • Frozen Bubbles in Canada: It is quite spectacular to see frozen bubbles in a lake. However, it is also dangerous. It’s because this happens when methane gas gets trapped underwater and freezes. When a large amount of methane is trapped, it is highly inflammable. Frozen bubbles are commonly seen during the winter season at Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada. 
  • Sky Mirror in Malaysia: During the new moon and full moon period, tourists that visit Sasaran Beach in Kuala Lumpur can see a reflection of the sky in the waters. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the low tides during these two days. The smooth sand and minimal water create an incredible view. 
  • Turquoise Ice in Russia: Lake Baikal in Russia is the oldest, deepest, clearest, and largest freshwater lake in the world, and it is also a gem. During the winter season, the water in this lake freezes and results in ice formations that are turquoise in color. They look like gems when their shimmer in the sunlight. 

These are only a few examples of the strange things that are happening around the world. If you want more, here are some links to our articles about strange and unusual happenings:

Strange Creatures

a gharial

In addition to strange places and happenings around the world, there are also odd creatures that some of us might encounter when we visit different places. These are something that makes tourists get their cameras fast to capture a bizarre creature. But in some parts of the world, there are creatures so odd and rare that most of us don’t even know they exist. Here are a few examples:

  • Pangolin: This creature looks like a baby of an anteater and an armadillo. It is an odd-looking animal found in different parts of Asia and Africa. It has a long tongue for eating ants and termites. It also has a protective keratin shell. This strange creature is on the list of the threatened species.
  • Sun Fish: This fish is considered the heaviest bony fish in the world, and an adult can max out at 2 tons. It is an odd-looking fish that is found in tropical waters around the world. It is also considered a delicacy in places like Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.
  • Gharial: This one is a skinny-snouted crocodile that can be found in the waterways of India. Its long nose has 110 teeth, which is perfect for catching fish. According to scientists, there are only 235 gharials in existence.
  • Saiga Antelope: This strange creature can be found in Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. It is recognized for its large nose that filters out dust and regulates its blood temperature. 

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Strange Humans

a portrait of a man with gray hair

We, humans, tend to notice a lot of strange and unusual things that are happening around us. But when we look at ourselves, we can realize that there are also a lot of weird things about us. These can include having different languages, different eye colors, various hair colors, different blood types, and more. If you love learning odd things about humans, then you will surely love the following topics:

Strange Places

a strange-looking house

If you can’t get enough of strange places, we can surely give you more. Here are links to some articles about the strangest places on earth:

Strange Things

Have you ever heard about blue bananas? How about stone age tunnels? Or maybe about the Gate of the Sun? There are truly lots of strange things on earth that are quite difficult to determine without the help of experts. If you are into learning about these things, check out these links for some interesting articles about strange things around the world. 

The Unexplained

There are also a lot of questions that many people ask, which are quite challenging to answer. Do you know why the hair turns gray as we age? Do you have any idea how many time zones there are? Or why do you think we sometimes experience Déjà vu? If you’d like to get more information about these things and more, check out the following article links:

Unusual History

History is one of the most interesting subjects or courses at school. It is where we learn about the history of different countries, about wars, inventions, and more. But if you want to learn some histories that are not found in most of your books, we’re here to help you. Here are some interesting articles about the strange and unusual history of things, places, and people:


Even though humans have existed on earth for many years, there are still many strange and unusual things and phenomena out there that we do not know or can’t clearly explain. We hope the information provided here helps you in discovering and learning more about our strange but interesting world.

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