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There are many reasons people travel. It can be to discover new cultures and practice languages or to go out and admire scenic places and drink wine. Tasting wine from different countries allows travelers to make a true immersion in the history, aroma, and flavors of viniculture. This is why for many years, a lot of tourists are traveling to different places, such as rural regions, to learn more about wine culture. They visit wineries, do wine tastings, try harvesting, and learn more about wines.

If you love wine, then you’ve probably already experienced going on a wine tour. If you haven’t yet, it’s an experience that you shouldn’t miss. To learn more about it, read on as we’re giving you a guide to wine tours. 

What is Wine Tourism?

woman holding a glass of wine while walking on a vineyard

Wine tourism is a kind of food tourism which goal is to know and appreciate the world of wine. The routes and tours focus on one objective, which is to learn about the regions dedicated to the production of wine and to taste their wines. It is an activity that is dedicated to people who are looking to delve into the history, culture, and tradition of wine. In addition to wine tastings, it also includes guided tours through vineyards, wineries, and museums.

Visiting the regions that produce wine is an authentic way to discover the rural and inland destinations of a country. Wineries allow travelers to immerse themselves in regional culture and learn more about wine and biodiversity. It also helps them relate to their traditions and history.

Aside from that, wine tourism is also a lever for the local economy. With its offers, small towns in the interior gain new business and job creation possibilities. When there are travelers all year round, this guarantees them sustenance for both the community and local entrepreneurs. 

Wine tourism is actually for all kinds of travelers out there. You don’t really need to be an expert when you travel to a wine-producing region. All you have to do is bring your curiosity about their tradition and enjoy the aromas and flavors of the wines. It is perfect for wine lovers, and as well as for the curious and adventurous tourists. 

To provide you with more ideas, here are some examples of the things that you can expect on a wine tour:

grapes on vines

Guided Tours at Wineries and Wine Cellars

Touring around wineries and wine cellars are some of the basic parts of wine tourism. Learning about how a winery works is the first step that you need to take when entering the world of wines. There are many wineries out there that are offering guided tours in their facilities. An instructor usually leads the tourists and explains the production step by step. Besides winery tours, you can also tour local breweries to discover how beer is made. Several breweries offer guided tours of their facilities so that visitors can gain an in-depth understanding of the brewing process. Winery and brewery tours are a great way to understand the industry better and sample some delicious beverages!

Wine Museums

There are some regions that have special places to share the history of their wine production. With this, you can expect to find museums or exhibits that tell more about their culture, traditions, and production methods. 

Tasting Sessions

The tasting sessions will give you the chance to effectively taste local wines. There are sequential steps to follow, and wines with different labels are served in small quantities. There are also times when tastings are already included in the guided tours. 

Workshops and Courses

In addition to tours and wine tasting, there are some wineries that also offer classes on cultivation and harmonization. It is perfect for tourists who want to go deeper into the world of wine. 

If you’d like to learn more about wine tourism, check out the following article links:

Why Should You Go on a Wine Tour?

Person holding a glass of wine in front of a beautiful view

If you consider yourself a wine lover and your love for it reaches beyond the occasional glass at events, then you have a serious affinity for vino. If this is the case, then going on a wine tour is perfect for you. If you need more details to be convinced, here are some of the reasons you should go on a wine tour:

It can help you learn about how wine is produced.

If you aim to learn how wine is made, you don’t really need to visit a famous winery. Even though there are nuances that may vary from one winery to another, for the most part, you are going to see the same process. The quality of wines varies depending on the kind of grape and the growing conditions, such as soil, terrain, and altitude. This means that even if your local winery does not make the greatest quality wine, you will still be able to learn about how wine is made. 

Wine tours can be a new passion for you.

When it comes to wine tours, a lot of people start by trying it out and spending some time learning about wine, and eventually, they realize that it is their true passion. You can make a hobby out of wine tours without getting drunk all the time. That is probably the danger when you make wine a hobby, as you have to worry about overconsumption. 

However, learning how to make wine is also a fun and challenging hobby for anyone. It can provide you a greater appreciation for all the other wines that you enjoy. In addition to that, it is also a cost-effective way to consume wine if you plan to have a glass with dinner every night. 

You can meet people who also love wine.

When you go on a winery tour, you are likely to meet and bond with other people. You can talk about the things you are learning and the types of wine you have tried. Even if you are an introvert, going on a wine tour can help you break the ice. It will help you connect with different types of people from all over the world. As you taste different kinds of wine, you are also making many connections.

A wine tour will give you a chance to explore different kinds of wine.

When you go on a wine tour, the main experience is wine tasting. Each winery has its own specialty. Therefore, you are given a chance to taste different types of wine that you may not otherwise try. It is the perfect chance to widen your knowledge about wines. And who knows, you might just discover your new favorite wine on a wine tour. 

A wine tour is a good reason to travel to different places.

Going on a wine tour can give you the chance to visit many wonderful places. You can visit popular wine regions like Tuscany, Rioja, or Napa Valley. You can also choose to discover lesser-known wine-producing regions like Romania, Bulgaria, or Moldova. Therefore, if you have the time and budget, don’t hesitate to plan a trip to a winery.

If you decide to go on a wine tour soon and you need help in planning, the following links will lead you to articles that can help in planning your tour in different wineries around the world:

Wine Tasting Tips

pouring wine in a glass

If you are just starting out in wine tours, you’re probably wondering how do you go wine tasting at wineries. If you are looking for the things that you should know and do before you go, we’re happy to help you. Here are some of the best wine tasting tips that we can give you:

Wear comfortable clothes.

If you are going on a wine tour or wine tasting, it is important that you wear comfortable clothes. This is because you will be walking all around the vineyard to see where the grapes are grown and learn about the growing process. Therefore, unless there’s a dress code, always wear comfortable and casual clothing. Try to choose pieces of clothing with dark colors so if you spill wine on yourself, you don’t end up having a visible red stain. It’s also best to choose comfortable shoes and avoid high heels. 

Always have a plan.

When you go to a wine tasting, having a plan can help you avoid overspending. There are lots of choices on a wine tour, and it is very easy to overspend. But if you come prepared with a plan and budget, then you can stick to how much you can try. Try to list all the wines that will be at the event and decide which of them are on your top list. Make sure to bring enough money to buy a bottle of wine as a souvenir.

Don’t be shy to ask questions.

While on tour, do not be afraid to ask questions, as knowledgeable tasting room staff will gladly answer. It is actually the perfect opportunity to ask them all the questions you have in your mind about wines. You can also list in your notes some questions so you won’t forget them. 

Don’t forget to drink some water, too.

When you are tasting a bunch of wine, it is also important that you don’t get dehydrated. Therefore, throughout the event, drink some water. This can also prevent you from being thirsty or lightheaded. It is also advisable to rinse out your glass between tastings to avoid the competition of flavors. 

Eat a light meal before going on a wine tour.

Going on a wine tour on an empty stomach will get you drunk quickly or wind up feeling nauseous. To prevent this from happening. Try to eat a light meal before wine tasting. There is also usually some food at the tasting room that you can eat during the event. But you can also bring some snacks in your bag just in case. 

It’s fine to spit out some wine.

When you swallow all of the wine you are tasting the whole day, it can get you pretty drunk. This is why there’s a spittoon in wineries, as it is where many seasoned tasters spit when they are done with each wine. It is an acceptable and common practice in wine tastings. You can also try to practice spitting at home before going to the wine tasting. 

Don’t worry about having red teeth.

Tasting lots of wine can dye your teeth red. Therefore, when you hit the vineyards, try to keep it under control to keep your teeth pearly white. But you also need to remember that everyone has the same problem. Meaning, no one is really going to be thinking about your red teeth than their own. After the wine tasting session, drink water and chew some gum. Avoid brushing your teeth right away, as the mixture of wine and toothpaste can strip the protective enamel of your teeth. 

Enjoy the tour and wine tasting experience.

When you go on a wine tour, you don’t need to stress yourself by doing all the things that pros do. The most important thing in wine tasting is to enjoy the experience. In fact, it is a great activity that you can enjoy with your family or friends. There is no test at the end of the tour and wine tasting, and you don’t need to impress anyone. Just have fun and enjoy all the wines that you will be trying out. 


A wine tour is indeed one of the best experiences for a wine lover. In addition to tasting different types of wine, it also teaches them how it is produced and as well as makes them feel the culture and tradition of each wine-producing region. If you love wine, don’t forget to include a wine tour on your bucket list. If you are searching for more information about wine tours and wine, you can find helpful links below:

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