10 Accessories You Should not miss in airsoft

You like airsoft. You are delighted with it. You have just spent good money on an excellent replica with which you are going to fry all your friends in the next game. But … are you going to wear jeans? With sneakers? And maybe an Adidas jersey?

Beyond the replicas and the approved eye protection that we all must have, airsoft offers innate options and combinations when it comes to equipping ourselves. While some elements seem to curl the curl, other pieces must be in your equipment, yes or yes. Today, from Annack Military Clothing we are going to tell you  10 airsoft accessories that you cannot miss when you equip yourself.

Extra ammunition and magazines: It is essential, and yet many ignore this advice. The amount of additional ammunition that you must carry varies according to the type of game and your armament. Take at least two extra chargers. And don’t forget to take the attic with you. To ammo your magazines once you rest between games !. And for your high school, don’t forget to bring CO2 capsules !!

Extra batteries: Like ammunition, this is another elemental item for all teams. Add an extra

battery if your weapon is electric. It is not that in your game you are having a great time and you realize that you have used almost all the charge of your battery.

Oh and remember: the battery should never be completely exhausted !! if not, it will spoil you.

Clothes with the camouflages most similar to the terrain where you are going to play:  One of the most common mistakes is having only one type of clothing. You like multicam, you wear multicam. But of course. You are going to play on arid terrain, or on an eld where everything is concrete, and you stand out more than a light in the dark. To offer greater protection, against the environment and the ammunition of your rivals, you should wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. And you must have several uniforms. An arid, one for vegetated environments, etc

Boots: Probably the best and most important advice they can give you is how to buy good

military boots. It is not silly. You protect your feet, how you will facilitate their

perspiration and protecting them is essential before any type of challenge that you put on. You can save on many other things in your kit. But believe me, in this, equip yourself with the best of the best. The best footwear for any airsoft game is booted, due to its durability and resistance. You should take the time to finish the ones that are most comfortable for you, and give them some test walks before using them in the game.

Knee and elbow pads: Many players dispense with these elements as excessive, but beyond the basic protection they offer in the joints, both are advantageous when kneeling or crawling, and provide greater stability. Vest: The ideal garment to transport all accessories, chargers, batteries, and whatever is needed is a good vest, with many pockets. You will notice the usefulness of this piece of clothing from day one, and in the long run, it will make you a better and more organized player. If not, you will nd a vest that weighs a lot … and in the games, you have to be agile!

Helmet and hat:  Really. Helmet. Yes, helmet. Not only does it protect against the sun and absorb

sweat, but it also becomes a tactical ally to camouflage you, And if you also make any sudden movement, it can save you from a hit against something hard. Helmet is a must. On the other hand, on very cold days, it is recommended to wear a camouflage hat to reduce the possibility of being spotted by an enemy.

Gloves: Essential to protect your hands, which are ultimately the instrument of work. The

impacts to hands and fingers can leave you feeling for the rest of the game, minimize the damage with a good pair of gloves.