10 Best Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video in New Zealand


Amazon Prime Video is one of the fewest streaming services available in the market that offer its services in 200+ countries including New Zealand. According to howtowatch, the popular Kiwi website, you can explore your Prime Video media content library to watch famous movies such as Chi-raq, Gleason, A Better Life, etc. within the Kiwi territory on a wide range of devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV and Smart TVs.

If you want to know about 10 best movies you can stream on Amazon Prime Video in New Zealand, continue reading this post.

A Better Life

A Better Life is an impressive movie that revolves around an illegal Mexican immigrant and his son that try to start their lives in Los Angeles from scratch.

If you want to watch a simple and heart-touching film along with your loved ones, A Better Life should be your preferred choice.

I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot is an interesting movie based on different genres like drama, mystery, and crime. If you are a fan of such genres, you must watch I Care a Lot.

The film portrays the story of a legal guardian who illegally takes control of the assets of elderly people for her own benefit. The movie takes an upside turn when she does the same with another elderly woman who happens to be a dangerous gangster.


Gleason is another excellent movie that explains the hardship of a famous NFL player, Steve Gleason, diagnosed with ALS. This rare neurological disease affects the performance of nerve cells in particular. As a result, the person may face issues when talking, walking, and chewing food.

This film is an eye-opener for those struggling with ALS and who want to live their lives normally like other people. Once you have watched this life changing movie on your desired devices, you can easily deal with the consequences of ALS and live your life to the fullest as per your preferences.

There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood is an intriguing movie that describes the lows and highs of an oil tycoon Daniel Plainview in a subtle manner. In this film, you will see how a common silver miner becomes a successful businessman through his efforts and determination.

No Country For Old Men

No Country for Old Men is an oscar award winning movie that showcases the story of a man who steals $2 million cash during the desert shootout incident. If you prefer to watch movies based on genres such as action and adventure, you should include No Country For Old Men in your streaming list.

Double Date

Double Date is a movie based on different genres like romance and comedy. The story of the film unveils the struggles of a young man who has not been able to find his dream girl due to his introverted nature.

City Island

City Island is a light-hearted comedy movie that discusses the story of a family residing in a traditional fishing community situated in New York City. Surprisingly, the family is fond of making false promises with others all the time. This is where the problem arises when the family is unable to fulfill their promises.


Spread is an emotional comedy film that revolves around a serial playboy and a heart-broken lover. If you are willing to watch a movie that shows the ugly side of a man in the form of betrayal, you should watch Spread.

Get A Job

Get A Job is a comedy film related to the struggles of an unemployed college graduate couple. This film highlights the issues faced by young people when they try their level best to get a decent job but do not get success due to recession and other reasons.

The best thing about this movie is that this movie pinpoints the unemployment issue in the right manner. If you are experiencing the same problem in your real life, you should watch this film that helps you overcome the challenges of unemployment accordingly.


Jaws is surely a treat for movie lovers who want to watch movies related to diverse genres like action and suspense. This film is all about the battle that takes place between man and nature. This movie is inspired by a real-life incident in which a man-eating shark took the precious lives of four (4) innocent people.

Wrapping Things Up

Amazon Prime Video is another impressive video on demand streaming service like Netflix and Disney Plus that helps you watch some of the best movies of all time on a wide range of devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Luckily, you can use its attractive simultaneous streams feature that allows you to access all your favorite movies on three various devices simultaneously. Overall, Prime Video seems to be a better and affordable streaming option that lets you stream numerous movies and other media content under your budget.

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