10 Content Ideas Your Instagram Business Page Must Try In 2021


Running out of content ideas to actively engage with your followers so that they don’t run away?

Or perhaps you think your existing ideas are just not so good to boost your growth? Well, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered, as always.

Here are the top 10 content ideas to try on your Instagram business page that will not only be impressive and engaging but will also give a significant contribution to your growth (so hang on a moment before you buy real Instagram likes).

1. Before you do anything else….

It is wise for you to access the free Instagram marketing tools. If you have a business account, accessing them shouldn’t be a problem for you.

The statistics can give you more ideas for future growth than anything else. They will also help you find your weak spots so that you can work on them later on.

For instance, if you lack followers, the stats will show how it will be wise for you to buy Instagram followers. Or perhaps you have a high audience from one particular region, at which point you can focus your attention on public interests specific to that region.

2. Product teasers

If you sell products online, teasers are always a great thing to create hype amongst your consumers.

Teasers can be anything, cut clips from a bomb commercial you shot with an influencer, or perhaps a professionally photographed product image that doesn’t show the full product. It all comes down to creativity at this point.

What’s also essential for a product teaser is that it must be followed by a caption that creates hype and excitement. A safe practice is to hire a writer to do that for you.

3. Behind the scenes

Instagram stories are another way of reaching out to your audience.

Another way of creating hype for your next launch is to post behind the scenes of your photoshoots, video shoots, editing processes etc, etc.

This gently nudges people to be more curious about the next launch and check it out when it releases.

4. User-submitted photos

It is by far the easiest way of generating content without actually doing any work. But this requires your audience to be active and engaging.

Just scroll through your tags and hashtags, and when you see a picture that vibes with the theme of your account, just repost it, tagging the original poster along the way, of course.

5. challenges and giveaways

Giveaways are a nice thing to do to enhance the engagement on your profile.

However, if you have to show an authentic profile, remember not to do one of those giveaways to give your followers many. Pathetic rules to follow. Just ask them to comment why they want the product in question and chose 3-5 people like all authentic brands do.

6. create your hashtag

This is a great way to build your brand awareness. Create a hashtag and ask your followers to use the hashtags for giveaways and photo features.

It is a nice little thing to do, and it will keep you and your audience occupied for quite some time.

7. don’t over-post

One of the reasons why content creators and businesses run out of content ideas is that they over-post. Don’t do it.

Schedule your posts for the whole week, month, and year. This ensures keeping you organised and limits your content and saves it from being wasted.

8. News

Share exciting news about what’s happening in your brand at the moment. Showcase the policies and strategies your employees and you have been discussing. Exciting news always creates hype and gossip. Something brands look forward to when it is the growth they seek.

Show people that your brand is eager to grow and is doing all it can to make sure the people get what they deserve and deserve nothing but the best.

9. articles and blog posts

If you find an article that praises your product or commissions an article or a blog post to praise your product/brand, why not create an Instagram post for it?

Just make an engaging animation or a video or ask the viewers to ‘click the link in the bio’.

It helps you generate more engagement and also creates more content ideas. Win-win,

10. memes and reviews

Instagram is becoming a very fertile ground for sharing memes in 2021, so why not take advantage of that and ask your employees to create shareable memes?

Memes that talk about your brand or product or the niche you’re in. It’s an excellent way to spread some positivity among your consumers. They’re going to love it.


And that is it for our top 10 content ideas to try on your Instagram business page. I hope you liked the article.


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