10 Kitchen Devices that Make Losing Weight Easier


Weight loss is a coveted goal of many fair sex women who are faced with the unpleasantness of being overweight. It is the desire to quickly say “Goodbye” to excess weight that pushes them to follow grueling diets. Women are forced to go to long training sessions and even to use various non-traditional methods of weight loss. Meanwhile, great helpers in losing weight are well-known kitchen gadgets! A more detailed list of these devices can be found on this website.

Kitchen scales

No hostess can do without this device. And some of them do not even know that the kitchen scale is a great help to control body weight! As long as all the necessary products are not weighed, it is impossible to be sure that they were taken in the right quantities.

So the scales are the best helpers for all women who are used to cooking at home. After all, it is thanks to them that it becomes possible to calculate the exact amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in each serving. And by determining the exact amount eaten, you can lose weight much faster! In addition, advanced hostesses can install food scale apps on their smartphones. These apps will definitely not be superfluous in the fight against excess weight.

Steam cooker

By the way, steam cooking is one of the oldest methods of cooking! It’s the steamer that helps you cook healthy, fat-free meals. This means that you have to find a place for the steam cooker in your kitchen! Steamed dishes are always very juicy and incredibly healthy! Moreover, with this method of cooking almost all foods remain unchanged not only in their smell and taste, shape and color, but also almost all trace elements and vitamins contained in them originally.

After all, products during steam cooking are not only not heated above 100 degrees, but also do not come into contact with the air. And you can steam absolutely any food, except for mushrooms, which need cooking in a solid amount of water.

It’s also good to know that some foods are really useful only when steamed. For example, brown rice almost completely loses its valuable vitamin B1 when cooked. And it takes much less time to steam vegetables than it would have taken for them to be traditionally cooked or fried!

Steamed dishes do not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, are very easy to digest and contain no extra calories or clogging vessels of hazardous slags and cholesterol.


This kitchen assistant, like the steamer, also allows you to cook food without fat. In addition, it almost always comes with a special form for steam cooking (this form has many holes). Another undoubted advantage of multicooker is that it allows its mistresses to free up quite a decent amount of time that you can spend on yourself and to communicate with your loved ones!

Convection oven

No oil is required for cooking all kinds of dishes in the convection oven. And this, in turn, reduces the caloric value of eaten dishes by at least a third. Meat cooked on the grid in the convection oven is good because it does not need oil at all and all the extra fat will be melted out of it right during the cooking process. The result is a double benefit! And the meat from the convection oven will always be delicious, juicy and soft!

Measuring cups

Such cups allow not to overestimate the size of portions, reliably saving their happy owners from extremely unwanted overeating. With the help of measuring cups, you can always measure the right amount of certain products and, accordingly, avoid getting extra calories into the body. These cups are particularly useful for measuring the volume of various liquids or cereals.

You can hardly argue with the fact that sometimes you really want to treat yourself to a rich fruit smoothie or a delicate milkshake. So, exactly 200 ml of these nutritious and useful treats can be allowed even while following various diets! And it is the measuring cup that will help you to measure these 200 ml. And even though most women of the fair sex do not need to use measuring cups every day, they will not be superfluous in the kitchen. The benefits of these tricky containers simply can not be overestimated!

Measuring spoons

Without these spoons, those who want to lose weight will also have a hard time. After all, when using ordinary spoons, there is a very high risk of consuming 40 to 50 more calories with each serving! Measuring spoons will always help you measure the necessary amount of sugar or salt to sweeten the porridge or add salt to the stew. Thanks to them, you can always calculate the exact amount of butter or salad dressing. The habit of constantly using such spoons works wonders!

Lock pouches

These bags are a real find for lovers of healthy snacks. If you have to spend at least half a day away from home, you can put in a bag with a clasp a small amount of dried fruit or nuts and take it with you. In this case, it will not be difficult to have a snack even on the move. You can take these bags with you to training because after various physical activities, the temptation to eat a chocolate bar or a pack of crispy chips is especially great!

Aluminum foil

This well-known material provides a unique opportunity to refuse fried dishes in favor of baked ones. It can also be used to ration portions of food, for example, you can bake potatoes with meat in the oven or vegetables with fish in portions. So you don’t have to give up using foil!

Ceramic frying pan

Ceramics is rightly considered the most environmentally friendly and safe coating, which boasts absolute chemical inertness (i.e. it does not emit anything). For comparison – Teflon (which is the basis of modern non-stick coatings) is able to release during heating up to a hundred different carcinogenic chemicals. And all of them subsequently enter the human body with food.

What is a ceramic frying pan? This is a frying pan made of special hardened glass. This pan has an extremely high heat resistance and wear resistance. As well as excellent non-stick properties. It will be a great solution for anyone who wants to lose weight because you don’t have to put oil on it to make something delicious. That is two or three hundred extra calories a day the body will not definitely get! And at the bottom of this frying pan, nothing will ever stick.

Of course, its cost is quite high, but health and beauty are disproportionately more expensive! For the same reasons, it makes sense to buy a good ceramic shape for baking.


All skinny people are strongly recommended to use a shredder on a regular basis, which is a great help to “cheat” the appetite. Because the volume of grated food on it always seems to be much larger than it actually is! The best purchase, in this case, is a universal shredder with different rubbing surfaces – with large, medium or small holes and with good grooving.

Put these useful gadgets in your kitchen and they will certainly be your loyal and reliable helpers in the difficult fight against overweight!

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