10 Male Celebrities Wear Wigs for Hair Loss


Hair loss is a big problem in the current era. The people not only getting frustrated with the hair loss but also feel depressed and even sometimes ashamed. That is wrong because hair loss has a lot to do with genes and hormones. So, one should not blame oneself for hair loss. The most depressing point about baldness or hair loss is that it affects your perceived personality and impression. You feel depressed looking at the mirror and even more when you see someone else with very good hair.

If you are a celebrity and you have hair loss. You cannot hide it from people. People will see your comment about you. They can discuss you on social media and a lot more. So, being a celebrity the baldness becomes a much bigger problem than it is. Everyone, who has hair loss wants to cure it. There are few typical ways like eating medicine, apply oil etc. These techniques haven’t appeared very attractive. Another is hair transplant. Since hair transplant is a surgery people have a fear about it.

An easy and convenient way is to use fake hairs or wigs. They are easy to wear you look elegant. You can choose the colours and design as well. Many celebrities have/had a wig on their hair. In this article, we will mention ten celebrities having a wig on their head.

Celebrities with Hairs Wig

Following are the ten celebrities who wear wigs for hair loss

1. Nicholas Cage

A famous Hollywood celebrity with a lot of fame. The hero of valley girl, Raising Arizona, the rock and many blockbuster movies wears a wig. The actor got stardom right from the beginning of his career. As stars are always famous so does he. He wears a wig and people claim the amount of money he has it is not a big deal for him to purchase a very good quality wig for his head.

2. Al Pacino

Al Pacino is another veteran actor and filmmaker in Hollywood. He acted a role of Frank Serpico with beautiful hairs of his own. Now, he fell prey to hair loss or baldness. He uses wigs of different styles on many occasions. As well as once he told himself in a live recording that he wears a wig. The good thing about his every new style with a wig.

3. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck another high-fi personality of Hollywood. He has two academy awards to his name. Even he couldn’t stop his hair from the baldness. Argo and goodwill hunting are the movies that got him the academy award. He uses a wig to hide his baldness and face the public. The wigs accurately adjusted to his personality and without a doubt, he looks more charming than many. People believe that Ben Affleck must have very expensive wigs because he has a lot of money.

4. Mathew McConaughey

Another Oscar winner actor. He was famous for his hair as well and many people liked to copy his hairstyle. But he also couldn’t stop the baldness. People start recognizing to early about his baldness that is why he went to choose a wig. Many people even say he has a hair plant.  Most people believe that he wears a wig. Mathew stardom is too high so he has to do something very quickly against the hair loss.

5. Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is another very famous Hollywood actor and producer. A famous personality his famous movies include wolf of the wall street, The Lincoln Lawyer, Kubo and the two strings and then Oscar-winning Dallas buyer club. Kevin Costner uses a wig to overcome the problems of hair loss or baldness. Without a doubt, his personality looks charming and more attractive in the wig. His acting career is full of successful movies.

6. Daniel Craig

Another star of the Bollywood industry. He is famous for the Bond role in the James Bond 007. This series has become his trademark. People still like to call him James bond rather than Daniel Craig. He solved many problems in the movies but was unable to cope with the hair loss. He also, like many other celebrities fell prey to hair loss. Hair loss is not something to take easy especially as an actor or celebrity. It was important for Daniel to choose something that can help him quickly. Daniel went for the Wig. Wig covers his head so well and appears so natural that it is difficult to recognize if he is wearing a wig or not.

7. Jude Law

“The talented Mr Ripey’ a movie that gave Jude Law almost an oscar. Unfortunately, he couldn’t win it but the nomination is also nothing a less achievement. Comparing his hairs with those of 2013 seems like his new hairs are not original. He must have fallen to hair fall and cannot resist. That is why many of his fans and followers think that he wears a wig. However, the quality, design and exactness of the wig keep people letting guess. There are some confusions about his wig but his new looks give it’s a kind of surety that the hairs he showing are not original.

8. Jon Cryer

A celebrity openly admitted that his hair is gone. He is multi-talented and into many things. He is an actor, comedian, writer, director and producer. When you have to do so many works at a time, it can push you under pressure. The pressure has a lot to do with baldness. Who knows what is the actual reason for Jon Cryer. It is of course true that he wears a wig. Another message is that if you have baldness, you can choose wigs to face the public but don’t lose your confidence.

9. Hugh Laurie

He is an English actor. Not only limited to acting he is a director, comedian and musician as well. Haugh Laurie also couldn’t stop himself from fell prey to hair loss. He then used a wig as a solution. In one of the TV series, his baldness was obvious and then in the next episodes the there was no baldness. This was because he used a wig.

10. Robert Pattinson

Many readers will not believe, but Robert Pattinson accepted himself that he used a wig in the final Twilight film.  The young and talented actor couldn’t stop baldness. Another message for the viewers is you can have baldness, and the choice is yours if you want to stay like that or use a wig.


Anyone can fell prey to baldness even the heroes of the cinema screens. The problem is not baldness problem is not to opt for a solution. The wholesale wigs are coming with good qualities, designs and colours. Purchase them and make yourself happier: https://www.bonohair.com/hairpieces-for-men/

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