10 Places in Europe worth the Flower Travel

With the most beautiful flowers blooming all around the gardens, coastlines, meadows, and mountains in Europe in spring season, more tourists are coming in to witness a spectacular natural landscape of colors. If you are planning to travel to the continent of Europe, check these most gorgeous places filled with flowers and plan your tours with your family and friends. Here is a list of 10 places in Europe worth the flower travel suggested by Little Flower Hut Florist:

1. Gargano, Italy

The biodiversity in Gargano, Italy makes the place an ideal habitat for wild Orchids. There are more than 60 species of Orchids found in the city and they usually bloom during the months of May and April. If you are visiting Gargano City, drop by the towns Mattinata and Fogia to see the largest collections of Orchids. You can even stay in the town’s farmhouse, which is surrounded with Olive trees and a pool.

2. Westjiitland, Denmark

The landscape of Westjiitland, Denmark bursts in beautiful blue and violet blooms when the flowers of Heather begin to blossom in August and September. The grounds are covered in pink, blue, and violet blooms of Heather. If you are traveling to Denmark to see the carpet-like landscape in Westjiitland, you can stay at the country home and enjoy the view of the entire land filled with blooms. You will also be surprised of the rich history of the land and its pretty charming flower parks. 

3. Azores, Portugal

The volcanic paradise of Azores, Portugal is in vibrant colors of blue, pink, and white blooms of Hydrangeas during its blooming season.Tourists are welcome to travel here during the spring season. If you want to see the largest collection of Hydrangeas in a variety of colors and sizes, take a tour at the Faial Island, a small island in Azores. This small island is also called as Blue Island because of the blue flowers of Hydrangeas surrounding it. Houses are usually framed with these blooms, as well as roads and pathways are covered with clusters of Hydrangeas.

4. Bonn and Dusseldorf, Germany

Cherry blossoms are not only popular in Asian countries but also in the European continent. The traditional pink and white blooms are blossoming in Bonn and Dusseldorf in Germany during the spring season. In fact, Hanami, a specific art and traditional celebration of Cherry blossoms allows tourists and visitors to participate. It is usually held during the May Festival, a festival dedicated to Cherry trees.

5. Provence, France

The stunning fields in Provence, France become a busy place whenever the flowers of Lavenders bloom. Tourists come in mid-June to the whole month of August. The Lavender fields in the city are just one of the most extravagant sights in the world. The Aix-en City in Provence is mainly known throughout the country because Lavender flowers are cultivated in the fields. The Valensole, Luberon Valley, and Sault Plateau are also the main areas in Provence, France to see the Lavenders. Visit the place and take advantage of the most photographic fields in France with your family.

6. Lisse, Holland

The well-drained soil and cool climate in Lisse, Holland makes it an ideal haven for Tulips. It is the country’s cultivation field for all kinds of Tulips in different colors. If you want to visit Europe to see Tulips bursting in bright colors, consider traveling to Lisse, Holland in springtime. There are more than 7 million tulip blooms each year, which turn the field into a beautiful magical rainbow of flowers. The iconic Tulips of Holland are here right before your eyes when you tour the city and visit the fields. 

7. Cornwall, England

The enchanting gardens in Cornwall, England look even more mesmerizing because of the flowers of Rhododendrons. There are several varieties of Rhododendrons in Cornwall, specifically in Trebah gardens. They bloom from the month of March and in July of each year. 

8. France

Different places in France are worth the visit during the summer season and spring season. The golden yellow colors of Sunflowers are seen all over the regions of Dordogne in France while the South of France also boasts of the large fields covered with towering plants of Sunflowers. In late June, you will even see Sunflowers blooming in the hillsides and Mediterranean coastline. 

9. Andalusia, Spain

Tour around Andalusia, Spain and you will be surprised with the striking blooms of Almond blossoms. These blooms are mostly in pink but there are blooms in white color as well. The white ones are known to produce the sweetest almonds while the pink blooms produce bitter almonds. A trip to Andalusia, Spain brings you to the magical and charming almond blossoms.

10. Crete, Greece

Visit Crete on springtime and see more than 1,700 species and varieties of flowers, mostly wildflowers in full bloom. The flowers are enchanting in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You will also love the fragrance as you come near the meadows and coastlines where these flowers are blooming. Hiking is one of the activities here and as you reach the hills and mountains, you will learn more about the medicinal benefits of wildflowers and take more pictures of them because the city offers programs, lectures, and art workshops to all tourists. 

It is always worth traveling the European countries because of the gorgeous landscape and scenery, especially to places and regions where colorful flowers are beautifully blooming in winter, spring, summer, or fall season.