10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hannah Montana

Miley Stewart1. Originally the main character, Miley Stewart, was supposed to be named Chloe Stewart; however, this was changed after Miley Cyrus landed the role.

2. Noah and Brandi Cyrus, Miley’s sisters, both had several cameos throughout the show.

Mitchell Musso

3. Mitchell Musso, who played the character Oliver, wore his hair long throughout the series, so that it would hide the fact that his ears were pierced.

4. The title of each Hannah Montana episode is a play on a famous song

Jason Earles5. Jason Earles, who played the character Jackson, was portrayed as being a teenager on the show, but he was actually fifteen years older than most of his teenage co-stars;

6. Originally, Miley Cyrus auditioned to play the role of Lily Truscott; however, the producers thought she would be a better fit for the lead role, so she auditioned again and got that part.

7. There is an alternative ending to the series, in which viewers would have found out that the entire show had been a fantasy Miley Cyrus had when she was younger; however, this ending was never aired.

8. The character, Jackson, was originally written to be very introverted and shy; however, one day when Jason Earles was rehearsing, the director was inspired enough to change this character’s personality.

9. In an effort to keep Miley Cyrus’ wig on her head, it was glued to her forehead.

10. When the show first began, Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment did not get along well, as they were both very competitive; however, as the show progressed they learned to get along.