11 Interesting Facts About Cell Phones: Number 7 May Surprise You!


Did you know that the first cell phone call was made on April 3, 1973, by an engineer walking in New York City? It is hard to imagine a life before cell phones nowadays because they have become a necessity in most of our lives. From paying bills to playing games to taking pictures, the uses almost seem endless.

We are sharing 11 interesting facts about cell phones that you might not be aware of in the article below.

1. Addiction Is Real

This might sound silly but cell phone addiction is a real thing. This addiction is called nomophobia. Another issue that some people deal with from their cell phone addiction is called ringxiety. This is when you swear you hear the cell phone ringing but it never actually rung.

Ringxiety is almost like a hallucination because people have become ready to pick up the phone even if they are not expecting a call. This feeling of being ready to answer makes people hear the phone ring when it’s not even ringing.

This is why people are using a mobile signal repeater to make sure that they are never without service when it comes to using their phones.

2. Bacteria

You might be aware that your cell phone is full of bacteria but you might not know that it has more bacteria than a toilet flush. The screen on your cell phone has between 20 to 30 times more bacteria than you have on your toilet bowl.

With this in mind do not forget to disinfect your phone more often than you do right now.

3. iPhone Sales in 2012

Can you believe that in 2012 Apple sold one phone every four seconds? That year they sold more than 340,000 iPhones per day. iPhone cell phones were coming off the shelves at a crazy rate.

4. Computing Power

Mobile cell phones have more computing power than the computers that were used for the Apollo 11. If you were not aware the Apollo 11 was used to land on the moon. To think that our smartphones have more power than that spaceship is a bit mind-blowing.

We truly have a lot of power at the palm of our hands.

5. First Smartphone

The first smartphone was introduced in 1993 at a Florida Wireless World Conference. The phone was designed by IBM and it was called Simon. IBM only made 2,000 Simon cell phones and they featured an LCD touch screen display that became the foundation for smartphones today.

6. Sport

Throwing cell phones is a sport in Finland. Every year there is a championship held where people compete to throw a cell phone as far as possible. This sport began in the year 2000 and continues to be a sport and event today.

7. Checking Our Phones

Believe it or not, this phone addiction is so real that a cell phone on average is checked about 150 times per day. Typically every six minutes we are picking up our phones to check if someone text, called, or sent an email.

If you are holding your phone right now while you are reading this article you might be tempted to check it at the moment (don’t you dare – fight the urge).

8. First Cell Phone Price

The first cell phone was almost $4,000 when it was released in 1983. If you were to exchange that in today’s currency value it is about $9,000 USD. This is a much more expensive cell phone than our current iPhones and the technology cellphones had back then does not even come close.  Price came down with 1990s communication devices.

9. More Cell Phones Than People

Most people in the world have more than one cellphone on average. This means that there are more mobile phones than people currently. The average person has 1.5 phones because they are either holding on to an older phone or they have more than one line (one for work and one for business).

Who would have ever thought that we would have more mobile phones than people on earth?

10. Alarm Clocks Are Disappearing

Before the invention of the cell phone, most people used an alarm clock to wake up in the morning or as reminders throughout the day. With everyone having cellphones in their back pockets and nightstands these are being used as alarm clocks instead of the traditional gadget everyone used to use.

Some stats show that around 60% of people have stopped using classic gadgets altogether because of the smartphone features that allow people to have one less gadget to worry about.

11. Space

In 2013 Google Nexus phone launched into space to check the resistance of its components in vacuum conditions. This cell phone was even going around Earth at some point. Researchers were also checking if the phone was able to control a satellite while it was in space.

How Do You Feel About These Facts About Cell Phones?

Now that you are aware of these different facts about cell phones, which one surprised you the most? The newest generation will never understand the feeling of not having a phone or having to use a payphone and pager to keep in touch when you were not home to use your house phone.

The struggle was real back in the day, nowadays we can easily get in touch with everyone and stay up to date on what is happening in the world in real-time. We can have virtual meetings around the world and make purchases we can have delivered the same day.

Did you enjoy reading our blog post today? Please check back often to keep up with all of our latest facts.


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