12 Unique Gift Ideas For Her

Buying gifts for the special woman in your life doesn’t have to be stressful! Nowadays, there are tons of amazing brands offering all kinds of unique high quality products that are both practical and fun. The rise of ecommerce has paved the way for companies to take control over their product lines and take a more hands on, honest approach to their gifts. From clothing companies to jewelry companies, you can find the perfect and thoughtful. gift for you special someone right from home. Take a look at these 12 gift ideas and featured products from popular brands to consider today!

Jewelry: 6 Ice Tennis Bracelet

Jewelry, of course, is a no brainer. A thoughtfully selected necklace or bracelet is a great gift idea for any special person in your life. All the pieces that 6 Ice sells are hand crafted and quality guaranteed to be the highest quality metals and materials available. Check out their line of tennis bracelets for a simple but loving gift to brighten up your girlfriend’s day.

Lounge Apparel: Easy Standard Sweatsuit

Clothes can be a tricky purchase. You generally might run the risk of getting something too flashy, or something that fits awkwardly. Take a look at the Easy Standard line of inclusively designed women’s basics as a thoughtful way to give your girlfriend something well-made and versatile. Their line of french terry cotton sweats are the perfect loungewear gift for the woman in your life.

Electric Toothbrush: Quip

Some of the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that are both useful and support the health of the other person. Quip has been hugely popular over the years for their simple and effective electric toothbrush and floss kits. Consider ordering a starter kit as a gift for your lady!

Pregnancy Health: Expectful

If the person you’re buying a gift for is expecting to be a parent soon, a subscription to Expectful is a fantastic modern gift idea to help you both gain skills and calming devices to help them through the journey of parenthood. Expectful offers an enormous library of meditative content to help with fertility, parenthood and sleep. Check out their gift subscription to give a year of meditation to your expecting parent!

Relaxation: Peels CBD Oil

Give the gift of calm and relaxation. Look no further than Peels, a new CBD company that uses only oranges to extract their CBD. CBD Oil has been proven to soothe a number of chronic issues from pain to anxiety, and a vial of Peels CBD Oil is the perfect gift for anyone special in your life. Plus, the absence of hemp extraction makes this product more accessible and attractive to a wider range of people.

Supplements: Aquarius Collagen by UNICO

For any health minded person, vitamins and supplements are a great gift to consider. As a nutrition company, UNICO NUTRITION is extremely popular for providing unique and creative products that are all transparently researched. Consider their line of best selling Aquarius collagen for softer skin and stronger hair!

Natural Soda: OLIPOP Soda Lovers Pack

Fun beverages and snacks are an amazing idea as a gift for your girlfriend. Fun, new flavors are easy to find with OLIPOP, a natural soda company that makes healthy fizzy beverages. Check out their packs of classic vintage flavors such as cola, lemon-lime and more interesting flavors such as Ginger Lemon. You can also mix and match packs so the woman in your life can try all of their fun flavors!

Skin Care: Revival Serum by Roo Skin Care

For any woman, skin care is an essential and important daily routine. Roo Skincare has a number of wonderful and natural products that revitalize skin without any of the compromise. Check out their Revival Serum, Mask or ca combo pack of the two to give the woman in your life the gift of natural, revitalized and healthy skin.

Stories on the road: HearHere

HearHere offers an amazing new service by streaming location specific stories designed for listening on road trips or while traveling. Make your next trip with your partner that much more special by getting her the gift of a subscription to HearHere. There are so many wonderful places to visit and learn more about on your next journey out together.

Socks!: Monty Python Collection by Happy Socks

As kids, we all hated getting socks as gifts. But as an adult, hopefully we can all agree that a great pair of fun socks is always a fantastic gift. Happy Socks make a wide variety of unique socks that will bring her joy everytime she puts them on. One of their best products right now is their Monty Python’s Flying Circus collection for fans of comedy.

Beer Subscription: TapRm

For beer, seltzer and hard beverage lovers, check out a subscription to TapRm, a new distribution service that represents independent beverage brands throughout the country. There’s no better gift than carefully selected new beers and seltzers from the country’s top brands. This one might be location specific, so make sure you double check that you’re able to access it!

Disposable Plates: Sophistiplate’s Fall Collection

It’s always a blast to have dinner parties and host friends, but often one or both of you get stuck doing the dishes. Cut the obnoxious cleaning out with Sophistiplate, a company that makes recyclable paper plates with a lovely vintage inspired design. Perfect for dinner parties or picnics, check out their line of rustic fabric plate sets for a fall inspired set to make your get togethers more fun and less clean!

These fun and unique gift ideas will surely bring joy to your special lady for any occasion. These unique ideas go beyond the simple flowers and a card. Show that you really care about your friend, spouse or family member by going the extra mile and getting them something truly special and thoughtful. All of these brands have varying scales of bundles and costs to fit into anyone’s budget.