15 Wedding Songs To Include In Your List


One important aspect of wedding planning that is often overlooked is the wedding music. As trivial as this might seem, the type of wedding songs you choose for your wedding will contribute a lot in setting the tone for the entire day. This is why it is vital that you find the best wedding songs for a most memorable special day.

You need music to fit each and every aspect of your big day, songs that will work with your wedding theme and create the right ambiance at the same time. From procession music to the ceremony, first dance and exit song, we have here a number of top wedding songs to include in your wedding songs list.

Here are the top most wedding music bands.

1. “A Thousand Years”, Christina Perri

This song has the most beautiful lyrics that make it perfect for a wedding ceremony. Pledging to remain at the side of your loved one a thousand years more is the ultimate gift of love.

2. “Marry Me”, Train

As popular wedding songs go, this one has remained at the top since its debut at the Top 40 Billboard in 2009. Played by Train, the song has also been covered by Martina McBride and reflects the beauty of country music, especially for a wedding.

3. “I Choose You”, Sara Bareilles

In choosing marriage songs, why not include this number that speaks of how a woman chooses her lover against all odds.

4. “At Last”, Etta James

A top wedding song of all time, this classic number from Etta James belongs in every single wedding playlist that exudes greatness.

5. “Make You Feel My Love”, Adele

While this won’t easily fall into the category of songs about wedding, this Bob Dylan classic covered by Adele will definitely make a great addition to a wedding playlist.

6. “Come Away with Me”, Norah Jones

This beautiful titular number from the 2002 debut album of Norah Jones has been played in weddings all over the world, as it should be.

7. “Better Together”, Jack Johnson

You are definitely better together, as this song reveals. Which is why it is definitely best included in your wedding playlist.

8. “Let’s Stay Together”, Al Green

A prime choice from our top 15 wedding songs, this song is a great choice for a wedding reception, and definitely brings couples together on the dancefloor.

9. “The Way You Look Tonight”, Frank Sinatra

You won’t have to search too far for classic wedding songs. This award winning number from 1936 is one of the best of Frank Sinatra and certainly deserves a spot in your playlist.

10. “From This Moment On”, Shania Twain

In creating the soundtrack to your wedding, you will definitely want to include this number from country singer, Shania Twain. One of our favorite wedding songs, it would be a great choice for after you take your vows.

11. “Thank You for Loving Me”, Bon Jovi

This fabulous number from Bon Jovi has also been covered by Bryan Adams. A song allegedly inspired by the lead character in the movie, Meet Joe Black.

12. “Endless Love”, Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

Don’t complete your wedding playlist without including this wedding day hit. Endless Love by music greats, Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. A song that will make for a most memorable first or last dance.

13. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, Elton John

This Grammy Award-winning number by Elton John, captured hearts across the globe when it was used as a Disney movie soundtrack. It wouldn’t sound any less magical when played at your wedding. You will feel the love through every single melody.

14. “Isn’t She Lovely”, Stevie Wonder

Our choice from a number of Stevie Wonder wedding songs is this popular tune he sang to celebrate the birth of his daughter, Aisha. The lyrics make it a perfect song for the arrival of a bride at a wedding ceremony or reception.

15. “All of You” – John Legend

A wedding soundtrack would be incomplete without this hit number from John Legend. Afterall you are deciding on your wedding day to give your partner all of yourself. John Legend has also written and recorded other songs that are perfect for weddings, as he is one of the best singer-songwriters when it comes to love songs. To know more about him, read Explore the Amazing Career of John Legend.

The search for wedding music can sometimes be more complicated than imagined, especially if left until the late stages of planning. Allow us simplify it for you with a choice of top songs for weddings. From songs you can use for the processional to recessional, the grand entrance, first dance, party dances, and last dance for the night. With songs from different eras and genres. We give you the most complete list of top wedding music for your big day.

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