3 Features You Need To Have On A Longboard Surfboard


Surfing is a unique experience on its own. Maneuvering through the waters and drifting through the waves makes you feel alive. The ultimate surfing experience is determined by the surfboard that you work with.

There are different types of surfboards that a surfer can use. A longboard surfboard is one of them. Here are 3 important features that a perfect longboard surfboard needs to have:

  1. A Proper Rocker And Rails

The more the rocker is, the more lose and slow a longboard will be. The lesser the rocker is, the faster the longboard will be, and the tougher it will be to turn. When taking a bigger surf, it’s recommended to have a longboard with more rocker. The opposite also applies for smaller surfs which require longboards with less rocker. The recommended rocker feature is one that’s in between the two extremes, that is, not more, and not less.

Rails with a soft edge are ideal for small slow waves as they do not sink into the wave. Low volume hard-edge rails, on the other hand, sink into the water when taking a turn. They are ideal for faster surfs and provide you with more control.

2. The Right Weight

The weight of a longboard surfboard is determined by the size, volume, glass, fins, and construction material used. The mass of a longboard varies. Most of them have a weight range between 9 and 19kgs with the most popular board designs weighing between 10 and 15kgs. A single kilogram can greatly influence the performance of a longboard surfboard.

Different surfers have different preferences with regard to the weight of the board they use. Some prefer a lighter board as they find it easy to surf. Others prefer a heavier one as it provides a smooth ride for them.

The weight feature, therefore, is important to consider when getting a longboard surfboard. Determine the best longboard weight that you are more comfortable with while surfing.

3. The Right Design Material

Longboard surfboards are made using different materials. The first material is called Balsa which is a type of wood that has a high strength-to-weight ratio. It has been used for many years to make longboards and is a favorite choice for many surfers.

The second is fiberglass and foam material. Surfers also love longboards constructed using foam and fiberglass. The lifespan of these boards is dependent on the amount of glass and the number of stringers used.

The third material is epoxy. Longboards made using this material are light and durable. For surfers who are used to heavy longboards, epoxy boards may not be their favorite pick as they consider the boards to be extremely light.

It’s important for surfers to know which material is used to make a longboard as it will determine their surf experience.


These 3 features described above are all very important to have in a longboard surfboard. When shopping for one to use, ensure that you analyze these 3 key features before making a purchase decision. Talking about a purchase decision, here are some high-quality longboard surfboard options to choose from.

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