3 Reasons to Take Charge of Your Style with Custom Jewelry


You no longer have to accept fine jewelry that doesn’t meet your every need or design preference. These days, you can personalize your pieces and try custom jewelry options that help you express yourself exactly the way you wish to. You should be able to determine everything from the color of the metal to the personalized message you add out of love or to celebrate yourself. Some of the best brands even allow you to create the custom jewelry of your dreams while working with a budget. It’s time to build out your custom fine jewelry collection so that you can experience the joys of wearing pieces that perfectly match your tastes.

Enjoy the Fine Jewelry Possibilities

You deserve to look and feel your best, which means your fine jewelry should be perfect for you to complete your look. This year, it’s time to dive deep into yourself and understand your personal preferences as you select pieces that reflect your sense of style and overall desires.

You Deserve Only the Best

Custom jewelry options should let you select elements like the metal color and type. The best brands will also allow you to choose the total carat weight and clarity of the diamonds. In addition to these options, the brand you choose should also feature only ethically sourced diamonds and precious metals. Look out for high-quality metals like 14K and 18K gold, as well as high-purity platinum, to ensure the pieces are forever-lasting and durable.

Find a Diverse Selection

In addition to high-quality, responsibly sourced materials, you should also ensure there’s a diverse selection of jewelry to choose from so you can further enhance your collection. The brand should offer a range of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings to help you select the perfect layering pieces or statement jewelry that feels most you.

Discover Handcrafted Designs

When it comes to fine jewelry, you want it designed by experts who are masters at their craft and well-versed in the diamond industry. Seek out a brand that offers only handcrafted fine jewelry alongside their custom options so you can ensure you’re receiving next-level quality. Consider a blend of classic and contemporary styles that help you experience the best of both worlds as you sport gorgeous, high-quality fine jewelry.

Personalize Each Piece to Your Liking

Take your custom jewelry further by adding an engraving that helps you customize each piece. Some of the best brands will offer this as a complimentary service. Everything from your anniversary ring to a dazzling pendant can be a chance to add a message or reminder to yourself or your loved ones.

Personalize Anniversary and Engagement Rings

Personalize Each Piece to Your Liking

As you select the color and cut of your anniversary ring, you can also add a loving message or date to make the piece even more special as a symbol of the love you and your partner share. Your classic round halo engagement ring could feature the coordinates of where you first met or even a quote that you two adore as a way to commemorate your togetherness with a ring that’s just as forever-lasting. Be sure the brand you select offers engagement rings and wedding bands for both men and women to help you find everything your heart desires in one convenient place.

Create the Perfect Gift

Fine jewelry can also make for the perfect gift to share with friends or family. Give them a thoughtful diamond pendant with a reminder of your bond, such as a lyric or saying you both treasure, whether it’s your best friend or your mom. Everyone can enjoy perfected fine jewelry, so have fun customizing pieces in floral shapes or that mimic the night sky for the people you love most.

Celebrate Yourself and Your Accomplishments

You can also celebrate yourself with custom jewelry pieces featuring engravings that commemorate your favorite moments. Memorialize things like landing your dream job or running a new personal record with a new set of small hoop earrings or a tennis bracelet. You deserve to celebrate the big and small moments in your life and treat yourself to dazzling pieces that help them be remembered.

Mix and Match Your Look

One of the most playful ways to experience your custom jewelry is through trying new combinations and picking out how you want each piece to look and feel. Because you’re in full control, you get to play around with wearing statement pieces or layering your fine jewelry as you see fit.

Vary Your Metals

You should be able to select the metal color of your fine jewelry, choosing yellow, silver, or even rose gold to help you create your ideal looks. Some brands even offer stunning, high-purity platinum as an option. You might try matching the color of your engagement ring to your bracelet or contrast your small hoop earrings with your necklace in a different color for an eye-catching style. Have fun trying other pigments, and be sure to layer in your diamond jewelry for a luminous display that can range from dainty to show-stopping.

Try Your Pieces on Before Purchasing

As you customize your fine jewelry this year, you want to be sure there are convenient options online that let you inspect and review the details of each piece. Look for convenient 3D every-angle-views online that make it easy to see each diamond and handcrafted element to ensure it matches you and your design preferences best. Consider also seeking out a program that allows you to try on replicas from the comfort of your home to ensure the pieces fit and flatter before you commit. You could even see if all of your custom jewelry options look good together or match your other favorites in your collection.

Prioritize Transparent Processes and Pricing

High-quality custom jewelry can work within your budget with the right company. Seek out a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand that’s transparent about their pricing model and offers designer-quality diamond jewelry without the designer markups. They should share how they determine their pricing and be upfront about the systems and processes that lead them to the final, perfected product. Be sure that the brand is a member of the World Diamond Council and follows international labor laws within RJC certified studios to ensure they’re a responsible company. This transparency can help you avoid surprises, trust the brand, and feel confident in their collection so you can wear your custom jewelry with pride.

About Verlas

About Verlas

Founded by Nidhi S. Dangayach and Nityani Riziya, Verlas remains a leading brand for high-quality fine jewelry that looks and feels gorgeous. Their team led by female Master Artisans works in the Verlas Studios, abiding by international labor laws and using durable and thoughtfully sourced materials to handcraft each piece to perfection. You can feel confident knowing they use ethically sourced diamonds along with high-purity platinum (95% or higher) and 18K and 14K gold. Verlas is a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand that also offers custom jewelry options. You can select the metal color and diamond total carat weight all while working with your budget to give you more control over the final product. Browse using their 3D Every-Angle-View online or experience their Try-at-Home program to ensure you love each piece in the comfort of your home. Enjoy their range of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that can help you grow your collection of fine jewelry, so you stay ready for special occasions and everyday wear.

Experience custom jewelry options to take charge of your style with Verlas at Verlas.com


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