3 Reasons When It Is Okay To Avoid Some Bill Collectors

Bills may pile up despite your current financial situation. Many people face large amounts of debt that they are not able to pay off. Sometimes, debts can be overwhelming. You may end up being stressed up all the time, not knowing how to deal with some lenders. If you default in payments, the amount overdue will be rolled over to debt collectors. The process can be frustrating and emotionally draining. Here are three reasons when it is okay to avoid some bill collectors:

1. When You Do Not Want To Admit The Debt

It is good not to talk to a debt collector to avoid giving incriminating details. You may end up making matters worse. In case you have not confirmed that you owe the debt, you can remain quiet until you have a solution.

A lawyer will advise you to keep a low profile until you can come up with a viable reason why the collector cannot take further action. You have rights, and the collector cannot make further actions unless they are sure that you owe the money. That buys you more time to look for an alternative like filing for bankruptcy. You can also research more on the options you have to help you deal with the debt.

A Personal loan payoff calculator can help you consolidate your debt in a way that you will not have to deal with some of these collectors. The loan will even be more manageable when you are dealing with a single loan than if you were paying each one of the independently with separate interest rates.

2. If They Are Rude And Aggressive

Some collectors can make your life a living hell. They will keep calling you to remind you to settle their dues. They have a mission to get you to pay that debt and the only way they can do that is by talking you into it. Ignoring their threats and their bad attitude does not mean that you do not want to pay. If you are dealing with such a collector, you can seek other solutions like debt consolidation.

3. If They Call You At Odd Hours

You have rights even if you owe someone money. The collectors may keep calling you at odd times of the night, which can be demeaning. If they do, they are acting out of line, and they may be breaking the law. The collectors should call you within work hours and from official means of communication aligned to a known registered company.

Some may issue threats to defaulters to push them to clear the debts. You can avoid their calls if they keep calling at odd times and they do not respect your privacy. It is also hard to keep picking calls from the same person repeatedly while they keep insisting on the same issue. At that point, you may have no option but to stay away from their calls.