3 Things You Should Know About Renting a Shared Office Space in London


Renting a shared office space sounds like a nice idea for startup companies. If you wish to be your own boss and overcome the headaches of leasing an office among other challenges, then this could be the best option. However, there are a few things to put into consideration when looking for cheap office space in London. Here are the top three things you should know about renting shared office space in London:

1. Hot Desks are Hot Deals at the Moment

Whether you are alone or in a group of ten, hot desking is a cheap, yet very flexible option for renting office space in London. With a little research, you will get the best shared office space London can offer, with many of them targeting specific businesses such as social enterprises. Furthermore, most of these hot desk spots offer a variety of rental deals from daily, monthly, as well as annual subscriptions.

More often than not, these prices include access to an electric socket, a desk, and an internet connection. Additionally, some fancier offices also provide a kitchen, meeting rooms, break out areas, among others. However, the major limitation of hot desking is that you will not have a permanent desk to keep your belongings. Therefore, you will have to bring your laptop and other work items on every working day.

2. One Office, Many Businesses

Shared offices in London are not only ideal for their low costs but also a fantastic option for small startups willing to leave their computer monitors and paperwork behind when the day’s work ends. Interestingly, most of the shared offices in London provide other benefits such as relaxation areas, meeting rooms, and very cool furniture.

Best of all, you will find yourself interacting with a variety of companies from a wide range of industries. This comes with a great benefit in the form of networking and sharing skills. What’s more, many businesses in London rent or buy offices that are slightly bigger and will always have a spare desk. Consequently, many of these desks are rented out to freelancers and startups. The good news is that the costs for renting such desks are always very reasonable despite varying from office to office. This too can be a viable option when looking for office space in London.

3. Keeping Things Virtual

Virtual office services are increasingly gaining popularity as companies discover the benefits of working remotely while at the same time maintaining a centralized location. The most interesting thing about virtual offices in London is that they enable you to have a receptionist, postal address, phone answering services, and access to meetings in a London based location. The prices for setting up a virtual office largely depends on the specific provider, so it is crucial to find out the most suitable option.

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