4 Hiring Experts Share Their Recruiting Tips


The word ‘recruitment’ takes us back to the dark days of job hunting. Not many employees know but it is an equally daunting process for the recruiter, trying to find the best talent. Nowadays, attracting and retaining top talent has become extremely difficult due to the countless options available.

Businesses look for highly-qualified candidates to fill roles, from top-level management positions to entry-level jobs. There are numerous recruiting techniques and strategies to spot the best talent to join your company. Many recruiting experts offer valuable recruiting tips on the best hiring practices.

4 Hiring Experts Share Their Recruiting Tips

Do not always follow the conventional sales recruitment process to attract skilled candidates. To clarify, you do not have to reinvent the whole process but make effective changes for finding prospective employees.

You can improve and refine the hiring process by learning new tricks. A recruiting professional should strive to perfect the process of recruitment since it determines the makeup of the workforce.

Today, recruiters search for top talent instead of waiting for job aspirants to apply and show interest. Follow these 4 recruiting tips given by hiring experts.

Look Beyond the Candidate’s Resume

It is not fair to judge candidates by their resumes, let’s be real, no individual knows everything. Some passionate workers learn many skills on the job. Your aim or ultimate goal should not be to find a candidate with the required skill.

Instead, find someone who is a quick learner, dedicated to working for your company, and starting a career. Attract job aspirants with more than the right skills and qualifications.

Jonathan Clarke, the co-founder of Morgan Jones Recruitment Consultant, sums this up perfectly by saying ‘Hire people, not paper’. He further states that companies, oftentimes, want candidates that fit the criteria 100%.

On the contrary, they should look for someone with capability, adaptability, potential to grow, learn, and improve.

Improve Marketing Skills

It is time for people to acknowledge that marketing and recruiting are closely tied together. A recruiter needs to learn marketing skills to market themselves and the company. Moreover, personal branding, good communication, and marketing skills will help you attract top talent.

Tarek Pertew, CEO of uncubed, emphasize on the importance of marketing in recruiting. He advises recruiting professionals to develop marketing skills as the recruitment role is demanding this skill more now.

Track Recruiting Data

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence(AI) in recruitment is vital for perfecting the process. It allows you to have a diverse hiring pool and keep track of data you have over time. An automated tracking system works best in this regard to understand what works for the company and what does not.

In addition, it is all about being resourceful, the more data you have gathered over months and years, the better. It will help perfect the recruiting process and avoid wasting valuable time and money by constantly searching for new hires.

Shonezi Noor, chief of staff at Sampler, is a big believer in tracking data. She believes in keeping candidates in the loop every step of the way, even if they were not selected to join the team.

Stay organized and keep in touch with every potential candidate through a simple tracking system. It is likely that they may refer a new customer or a great candidate for the next role.

Prioritize Candidate Experience

Usually, candidate experience is not given due importance. On the contrary, the recruiter should put the candidate’s experience first instead of being the biggest player.

How you treat a job seeker represents the company’s culture and working environment.  Poor candidate experience will hurt the company’s reputation beyond repair and drive top talent away.

Ashley Roman, Global Recruitment Manager at Mejuri, opines that the recruiter should focus on delivering excellent candidate experience. When delivered correctly, top talent will feel valued even before joining the team.

Furthermore, her tip for recruiters is to constantly communicate and interact with people in the organization and take feedback through the interview process to improve recruiting strategies.

Wrap Up

Lastly, the recruitment process is becoming increasingly difficult with the rise in competition. Therefore, companies are trying to revamp the recruitment process by implementing the best hiring tips shared by recruiters.



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