4 Popular Healthcare Certifications to Get In 2021

Did you know that the healthcare sector is growing faster than any other industry in the US? As the population ages and lives longer, we need more people in careers based on care. Do you know how to get started on a job in healthcare?

Not everyone has to have a medical degree to be a healthcare professional, and many other jobs are available.

Read on as we discuss four excellent healthcare certifications.

1. Medical Coding Specialist

This healthcare administration certificate is more concerned with the technological management of practices and surgeries. It gives expert-level coders the experience they need to function in healthcare settings. You could also use it to gain employment at larger grouped practices and organizations.

It involves learning about patient medical codes. The aim is to know about coding patient data records and corresponding ailments and illnesses. Previous experience in applying medical codes is an advantage.

2. Certified EKG Technician

An EKG test determines if any irregular activity exists in the heart. It usually involves attaching a monitor to the person’s body, either in a short test at the surgery or on a mobile device they wear in daily activity. However, the job goes much deeper than simply attaching the monitor.

You will be required to liaise with cardiologists regarding the results. You will need to monitor the blood pressure of the patient, then set up tests and appointments.

In the US, you need to have a high school diploma to be able to take this healthcare compliance certification. Some prior medical experience will also be requested from many employers. An online healthcare school can help you get the qualification needed.

3. Healthcare Management Certification

The tasks of a healthcare manager are vast. They must coordinate services in surgery or practice, oversee the operation of departments and manage budgets. It is a very important job, and you could be employed by either public or private institutions.

To succeed, you have to be an extremely organized individual. You need an understanding of the ethics of the medical industry and have empathy for patients. Any previous management or customer service experience will be a benefit to anyone who is considering following this career path.

4. Pharmacy Technician

As a pharmacy technician, you are the assistant to a licensed pharmacist. Your job role includes all the functions you would expect from a person working in a pharmacy itself. This can include taking prescriptions, organizing them, checking the inventory, and handling customers.

This is one of the best healthcare certifications to have for anyone coming from a retail background, who wants to transition to the health sector. Very often, you can be the first port of call for many people who have medical problems. Therefore, some knowledge of pharmaceuticals and products is an advantage.

Getting Healthcare Certifications

Healthcare certifications are not easy to get. They do require hard work and you must check the career is for you before you begin. However, you will be entering into one of the most rewarding career paths available, helping others.

This article is one of many to help you get the most from your occupation. From career advice to education, visit us and we can help you live your best life in the coming year!