4 Tips for an European Winter Road Trip with your friends


A lot of people will seek for sun during the winter. They will travel the world for a better climate. Other people go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains. But not many people actually go on a road trip through Europe during the winter. We think that should change. Because in the winter months, there are plenty of European countries and cities that are absolutely beautiful. Most cities create an even more cosy ambience during the winter period.

But before we start listing the most beautiful cities you should visit in Europe, it’s important to think about your vehicle. If you’re thinking of driving on slippery or snowy roads, definitely attach snow tyres under your car to prevent incidents. If you don’t have a car yourself, you can always rent one. Most renting companies will ensure a safe car with suitable tyres. If you’re planning a road trip with a big group of friends or family, you can rent a small van (Dutch: personenbus huren) or a bigger van for 9 people (Dutch: 9 persoons bus huren). This way, you ensure enough space for everyone who joins on the trip. Of course, you are able to catch a plane to the following destinations. However, road tripping is commonly carried out by driving cars or vans. This is in order to create the ultimate experience.

1. Norway

If you want to see the special natural phenomenon The Northern Lights, going to Norway is one of the best places to possibly see them. Besides the chance of getting to see the Northern Lights with your own eyes, Norway has many other things to offer in winter. Think about extraordinary views, picturesque villages and a lot of cliffs. Norway is also the place for you if you’re an active person. You can take a husky ride or do some hiking. But if you’re not that active and just want to look around, Norway has good cafés and restaurants where you can sit down and relax. Even if you’re going with different types of people on a trip to Norway, there’s basically something for everyone.

2. Germany

Are you looking for a place where you can be active, chill and commit to some fun shopping and great eating? Then, Germany is a great place to discover. During the winter, most cities organise the best Christmas markets where you can shop for hours and hours. However, you can also go for a day of skiing if you wish to do so. But if you’re looking for a little bit of city, you can drive to Berlin, which is absolutely stunning during the winter period. Not only Berlin (the capital city), but all other cities in Germany are worth a visit.

3. The Netherlands

The Netherlands has many cosy cities that you can visit during your winter road trip. It may be a small country, but it’s definitely worth a day or two! During your trip you can stroll through the historic streets with enchanting lights and visit a lot of museums. Whichever city you visit, there are plenty of heated terraces where you can sit down for a hot beverage either with or without alcohol.

4. France

During winter time, France is the perfect country to visit. Because the main cities have fewer tourists in winter because of the off-season. Which also results in lower rates in all hotels. Are you looking for a mild climate with some rays of sunshine, then we suggest going to the south of France. There are plenty of festivities in all kinds of different cities around there. You can even lay on the beach during the winter period. How great is that?

Are you ready to take on a winter road trip? We suggest going to at least one of the above mentioned countries. To go on a summer road trip is one thing, but to go on a winter road trip is another. That’s why you should always be prepared for anything that can happen along the way. Keep in mind that you’re on a holiday, you’re not in any kind of rush. So, enjoy your time during the winter road trip.


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