4 Ways to Enhance Your Eyelashes

Women everywhere want to know how to get the longest, thickest lashes out there. You can find many of them lamenting their bad luck. If you’re someone looking for longer and enhanced-looking lashes, then look no further because in this article you’ll find four ways to get your eyelashes enhanced. Some of these processes need to be professionally done while others can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Eyelash extensions

The first option to go for if you want luscious lashes that will not make you look like you have falsies on most of the time is getting eyelash extensions professionally done at a salon. This relatively new method of having longer and thicker eyelashes has become quite popular because eyelash extensions last for months so you don’t have to worry about getting false lashes and losing them. If you decide to get eyelash extensions, you have to be extra careful with your lashes because you do not want them to be ripped out. It is better to have a professional do your eyelash extensions because it needs steady and sure hands.

Eyelash perms

Unlike getting eyelash extensions where you add hairs onto your lashes to enhance the way they look, a perm is a step-by-step process using a set of carefully put together chemicals to make your eyelashes look much curlier than they originally are. There are even some perm kits that you can make at home, but it is still recommended to get it done at a professional salon. Eyelash perms are great because they work with what you have and there is not as much fall out as in eyelash extensions. You just have to get them redone occasionally to keep them curled after new lashes grow out.


Castor oil is one of the oils you can use in your daily routine to enhance the strength and thickness of your eyelashes and to promote their growth. You have to be very careful when applying it so that it goes only on your lashes and not your eyes because, otherwise, it can cause a bad reaction. Another oil that promotes eyelash growth and health is jojoba oil.

Extra Care

If you are not one to get eyelash extensions or do not have the budget to get a perm done, you can still have enhanced eyelashes by giving them extra TLC. You can make your eyelashes look fuller by taking care not to rub your eyes even if you are tempted to do that. You also should be careful not to sleep facing down because your eyelashes may grow weaker from the constant rubbing against your pillowcase, which is a surface that can be too rough on the delicate hairs. Another tip is to make sure there isn’t any makeup residue on them when you’re going to bed because residue might make them fall out faster.

Remember that it’s in your hands to have your lashes looking as thick and as gorgeous as you want them to. And with the right care and attention, you will have lashes as thick and full as false eyelashes while still looking like they’re natural.