5 Awesome Benefits of Having Strong Glutes


Women are more interested than men, in most cases, to train their glutes. The reason is obvious, as well-train glutes translate in a better-shaped and firmer bottom. However, there are more benefits brought over by having strong glutes, besides the those grabbed by the aesthetics of this matter. So, both men and women should include glutes exercises in their workout routine. If you need more reasons to start training your glutes today, then take a closer look at the following 5 benefits of having strong glutes.

1. Your body posture will be much improved

One of the best benefits of working out, especially the lower back area, is that this habit will lead to a better posture. We all know that a bad posture, whether it’s when you’re sitting down or walking, leads to back pain and discomfort. So, one way to correct our posture is by training our muscles and making them stronger. This way, they will be more prepared to offer the support required by the spine. 

The glutes play a very important role in this story, apart from the lower back muscles. They too can have a negative influence on your posture if they are underdeveloped. And when our back doesn’t receive all the support it needs, slouching occurs. This can lead to back pain in time and can trigger back issues that are hard or even impossible to fix. Luckily, you have the power to prevent all of this from happening, by choosing to train your glutes. Strong glutes will improve your posture by pulling onto the torso, helping it align in a correct manner. Also, your shoulders will pull back under the action of the glutes on your torso, which means a straight back and correct posture.

2. The risk of getting injured will decrease significantly

The risks of getting injured are rather high when your muscles are weak and not developed properly. For instance, in the case of glutes, your lower back area is prone to get injured or suffering from a series of problems. Because these muscles are the ones that offer the biggest degree of support, when they are not strong enough you may end up dealing with a set of unpleasant consequences. Weak glutes mean that your body won’t be capable of performing hip extensions properly. In this case, the body will find other muscles for the task. However, these “replacement” muscles were not created for this task, which will inflict additional pressure on your hips, spine, and even on the knees.

So, besides risking to get your lower back injured, not having strong enough glutes can also lead to injuries in your knees, groin area, or hamstrings. By choosing to improve the condition of your glutes, you also choose to protect yourself from the risk of injuries. The reverse hyperextension is one of these exercises, which targets the glutes and trains them right. Also, you will be more capable of performing challenging tasks, such as deadlifts or hip thrusts. 

3. Your athletic performance will be boosted

While most people train their legs, are they are responsible for one’s athletic performance and speed, the glutes are often disregarded or not trained sufficiently. Why is it so important to have strong glutes? First of all, they also contribute to increasing speed. Then they are responsible for deceleration as well, so if you want to be more prompt at this part you need stronger glutes. However, glutes also help when you want to change direction as you run or walk or when you want to enjoy a boost of explosive power.

In conclusion, if you want to improve your performances in the sport you’re practicing, even if you’re not a professional athlete, growing stronger glutes is the solution you’re looking for. Stronger glutes will make you faster, without a doubt, and will give you that explosion of power whenever you need it.

4. It will help you deal better with back pain or prevent it

No one wishes to end up suffering from back pain, but this condition affects an increasing number of people, including rather young ones, because we spend too much time sitting at an office. So, if you’re doing your best to stay active and enjoy a proper level of physical exercise, make sure to include glute exercises in your routine. Because these muscles allow a better movement of the torso, legs, hips, and pelvis area, pressure from your lower back is released. In other words, your lower back won’t have to manage the entire burden of performing all sorts of movements. The glutes will help by taking a good part of the burden and by providing the support your back needs.

Besides exercising your glutes, you can also use massage techniques and stretching exercises to maintain their flexibility. With the help of a roller, for instance, you can both stretch and massage these muscles. This way, they will always be in a great condition for performing a wide range of motions, while protecting your back and lower limbs. 

5. It will burn fat and keep it away from your body

When it comes to burning calories and, implicit, fat, it is well-known the fact that well-developed muscles help with better calorie consumption. So, besides training the rest of the muscles in your body, you should also focus on training your glutes as well. Considering that fat also gets deposits on the buttocks, glute exercises will help you tone this area well and get a better calorie expenditure. It is worth knowing that both the glutes and hamstrings are two of the largest groups of muscles in the body. Thus, it is worth developing them as this means more calories burned on a daily basis, by simply walking around. 

So, if you didn’t pay sufficient attention to training your glutes this far, now you have more than enough reasons to change this. Stronger glutes bring along a set of great benefits not just for your looks and physical condition, but also for your health and well-being.

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