5 Best Tools To Grow Your Online Business


Modern businesses run on digital tools. Automating daily tasks, efficient collaboration and communication, ease of reporting can be a game-changer for your online business. Having all of these in one place can help you grow your business manifolds. Entrepreneurs must understand that there are dedicated tools available for almost every office related task. With the advent of new technologies in the market, companies have started investing and adapting the latest professional tools for an array of business tasks. Your competitors will leave you behind if you don’t embrace the technology. With every passing year, your competition is heating up. You should take control and devise a plan on how you want to reach your target audience and put your company on the right path to success.

If your business is caught up with monotonous and non-productive daily tasks, it would become harder for you to sustain in the market. That’s why you need the right set of tools. These are blessing in disguise since the right tool can help you automate the repetitive task and you can then focus more on business development. Right tools are the ones which help your company attain its goals, match the budget and also market your online business. Successful businesses are made not just from big ideas, efficiency in day to day organization processes is a must. Be it expense reporting, clock and timesheet management, market research, product management, social media management, SEO or email productivity, right tools are your key to success.

Let’s move ahead and know about the following 5 tools which can help you grow your business and unlock further opportunities down the road


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One of the most popular business communication tools in the market, Slack offers superior communication for your teams and individual employees. All communication can be done in a single place. The platform is easy to use and offers a user-friendly user interface which is easy to adopt. You can also integrate Slack with your company’s already deployed services such as GitHub, Trello, Google Drive and more. 

Slack’s capacity to streamline communication between team members and stakeholders is one of its primary benefits. With Slack, you can set up channels for various teams or projects, allowing everyone to stay informed about developments, communicate issues, and give real-time feedback. This helps lessen the need for lengthy email exchanges or drawn-out meetings, which may be a huge productivity drain.

Primarily, Slack is best suited for communication, it also features a file-sharing feature. You can use WordPress for business plugins in Slack which offers file shareability. You can also sign in your Dropbox account and your teams can simply share, access and drop files. You can also leverage Slack’s private groups and one-to-one communication facility. You can access the portal from any device or anywhere, be it a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Your data always stays in sync.

Slack is also quite flexible, enabling you to create customized channels and integrate with various other applications to fulfill your company’s particular requirements. Due to its versatility, it is the perfect tool for companies of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations.

Furthermore, Slack also offers a number of other advantages for expanding online businesses in addition to these advantages. For instance, it offers in-depth statistics that can assist you in tracking user engagement and identifying improvement opportunities. It also provides advanced security features to further protect your data, including data encryption and two-factor authentication.


Meetingtor, your new record meeting tool, transforms your meeting experience by automatically joining and recording your calendar meetings. Automated Meeting Recorder is designed to boost productivity by capturing every detail, so you can focus on the discussion without missing a beat. With Meetingtor, recording all Google Calendar meetings and Outlook Calendar meetings is easy. Meetingtor allows you to revisit any of Zoom meetings, Google Meet meetings, and Microsoft Teams meetings anytime. It’s perfect for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and keep track of important conversations with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual note-taking and hello to seamless meeting management with Meetingtor.

Google Drive

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Google Drive is an essential tool for businesses of all forms, offering several services that can improve file sharing, storage, and collaboration. With Google Drive, working with team members and partners worldwide is easier because you can create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files in real-time. This makes it an excellent choice for remote teams and companies with personnel that work from different places.

In online business, making sure that your team members can access relevant documents and files remotely is critical. With Google Drive, you can seamlessly allow collaboration amidst your team members. You can also set the permissions for specific access for members. The free version of Google Drive offers 15 GB of space. The best thing about this SaaS (Software as a Service) is its collaboration capabilities. You can easily connect with your teams sitting two time zones away for effective communication. 

Moreover, Google Drive’s convenience is one of its main benefits. The platform is user-friendly, with a simple interface that makes generating and managing files easy. To keep everything accessible and organized, you can also organize your files into folders and subfolders.

In addition to these capabilities, Google Drive has a mobile app that lets you view your files even while on the road. This allows you to run your business whether you’re at home, at the office, or on a trip. Additionally, the app enables you to share your work with others by enabling you to upload pictures and videos directly from your smartphone. 

All of your files are automatically synced and can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Through Google Drive, you can keep your sales, marketing and support teams on the same page. Since it’s a SaaS, you don’t have to download anything or upgrade the software. You always have the updated version of documents and presentations at your tips.


A business is incomplete without meetings. Effective communication between you and your stakeholders or your team members is essential for business success. When it comes to creating engaging and quick presentations, SlideModel.com can be your one-stop destination.

SlideModel.com is a powerful online tool that entrepreneurs and small business owners can use to quickly and easily make professional presentations. The tool has a massive library of templates, graphics, and diagrams that have been professionally created and can be modified to suit your needs. With SlideModel.com, you can make presentations for many reasons, including business plans, pitches to investors, and sales presentations. The platform is one of the most popular presentation template providers. The portal maintains a huge repository of 20,000 plus presentation templates. 

The templates are crafted by design experts which can be downloaded and used right away. SlideModel has a dedicated category called Business templates which features professionally crafted templates for all kinds of business presentations. Moreover, you can also download presentation backgrounds, shapes, images, diagrams, charts and graphs through SlideModel. All of these resources can be imported into your presentation easily. You can easily add SlideModel templates in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple Keynote etc. 

These visuals can help you show your audience complicated information in a way that is appealing to the eye and easy to understand. This can be especially helpful for businesses that need to show data or information in a clear and concise way.

Also, one of the best things about SlideModel.com is its easy use. You can choose the best pricing plan for your budget and needs from various choices, such as a pay-per-template and subscription models. This makes SlideModel.com a good choice for businesses of all kinds because it is economical.

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is an effective tool that may give you insightful information about your website’s functioning and help expand your online business. The ability to monitor how users interact with your website currently is one of the main advantages of using Google Analytics. You may view the most popular pages, the traffic source, and the amount of time visitors spend on your website. Hence, you may utilize this information to improve user experience on your website and boost conversion rates.

For any online business to grow, organic traffic plays an irreplaceable role. The more organic traffic, the better it is for your business. Google Analytics helps you get a complete view and deep understanding of your customers. The tools are great when it comes to transforming your business from a digital perspective. You can keep a check on the incoming traffic on your website. You can analyse the traffic and then work on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and serve your customers better. 

Google Analytics offers a dedicated keywords report. The report is very crucial since it helps you figure out how your customers are finding your website. You can use the report’s findings to re-create or improve website content for upgrading your search engine rank and visibility. GA also offers deep insights about your page’s popularity as well as bounce rate. 

Additionally, Google Analytics provides audience segmentation, enabling you to better understand visitors to your website. Your audience’s demographics, behavior, and technology can all be categorized, among other factors. This might help you develop targeted advertising campaigns and enhance the user experience for particular visitor categories.

Ultimately, you may monitor conversions on your website with Google Analytics. Conversion tracking can be set up for a number of actions, including completed transactions, form submissions, and email sign-ups. You may use this information to determine which campaigns and pages are most successful at generating conversions and modify your website accordingly.


Email marketing is one the most personal way through which you can reach your target customers. Your email marketing campaign can only work if it’s well personalized. When you can easily tailor emails as per specific individual customers or a customer segment, communication between you and your leads becomes much relevant. 

Sender is a free email marketing tool available in the market through which you can create attractive emails, newsletters and more. It works just like a template where you can choose images, backgrounds and texts without wasting your time finding relevant visual material. You can send the emails instantly and can also schedule them for a specific date and time. This boosts your company’s marketing communication and helps in customer relationship management as well.

Additionally, Sender has automation options that let you build targeted and customized email campaigns in response to particular triggers, including subscriber behavior or time-based events. You can set up automated messages to welcome new subscribers, recall customers who have abandoned their carts, or gradually nurture leads.

Furthermore, Sender offers thorough email analytics so you can monitor the effectiveness of your emails and improve your marketing efforts. Email open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and other metrics are all trackable. With the help of this information, you can determine what aspects of your email marketing campaigns are effective and ineffective and make data-driven decisions to boost your performance.

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