5 Cannabis Strains That Are Simple To Grow

Cannabis is simple to grow if you know how, but it can be intimidating if you’re a beginner seeking to wet your beak and create amazing cannabis. But don’t worry, your good friends at Seedsman have you covered as always. And make sure to visit this trusted platform if you’re searching for the best site to buy my weed online.

Check out i49 for tons of wonderful articles and advice on getting started with your own grow — you’ll find information on everything from growing kinds and setups to growing media, equipment, and, of course, the best seeds for the job.

If you want to make things simple when growing cannabis, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned grower, you’ll be interested to hear that we specialize in low-maintenance strains and you can also consider a Soothing Seed Cannabis Nursery. Check out any fantastic autoflowering strains for a quick and easy plant that transitions from the vegetative to flowering stages without the rigorous lighting maintenance required by photoperiod strains.

It doesn’t get much easier than autos, but if you want something with a seed extreme yielding seeds and a little more pizazz, check out our top 5 easy strains to grow:

The Blue Dream

Blue Dream, a modern classic with a killer flavor profile, has garnered popularity among growers worldwide for its rapid, trouble-free growth. As a result, it’s a popular strain among new and experienced growers – after all, who doesn’t want an easy-growing, high-yielding cannabis plant with delectable flavors?

Crossing Blueberry Ice with a U.S. Haze has resulted in a new strain, primarily Sativa in nature, and produces exceptional yields whether grown inside or outdoors. Indoor yields are around 500 gr/m2, but outdoor producers can expect 700-850 gr/plant – and although that’s not to be sneezed at, the enticing lemon, berry, and hazy fragrances surely are!

Blue Dream grows without much difficulty and reacts well whether planted indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Experienced cultivators will know how to get the most out of her, but knowledge is not required to achieve excellent results from this lovely, robust strain.

Are you still confused? The unique terpene profile of Blue Dream includes high levels of alpha-pinene, a mono-terpene with significant medical and therapeutic properties. It aids in treating anxiety, sadness, nausea, stress, inflammation, and other conditions. The high THC content of around 20% produces a long-lasting and powerful uplifting effect, leaving you feeling cheerful and calm.

Northern Lights Auto

The legendary Northern Lights strain is at the genetic heart of many of today’s hybrid cannabis strains for a good reason. If you’ve ever had a grow threatened by pests or viruses, Northern Lights Auto Seeds might be worth trying. Northern Lights has exceptional tolerance to fungi, diseases, and pests, making it an excellent choice for a safe and trouble-free grow. Throw in autoflowering qualities, and you’ve got a cannabis strain that’s bulletproof — the cross of Northern Lights and Ruderalis produced a strain that’s even more resilient than previous Northern Lights strains.

It performs well in all conditions, but best inside, where 500 gr/m2 is standard. Cultivation is simple, and this strain benefits from moderate doses of slow-release fertilizer to promote health and growth.

Northern Lights Auto is easy to cultivate, but it also has a staggering 23% THC concentration, which is impressive for an auto. Expect luscious fruit flavors with a sweet and tart plum jam vibe to the fore, followed by the usual strong and soothing body impact from an indica-dominant strain.

Green Crack Auto

This cannabis strain checks many boxes. Is it simple to grow? Check. THC in high concentrations? Check. Flavors to die for? Check. What about high yields? Check. Green Crack Auto from i49 has more checks on it than a chef’s slacks!

Crossing the original Green Crack Strain with a Ruderalis has resulted in a true champion — it’s fast-growing and trouble-free, making it a breeze for even inexperienced growers. There’s only one suggestion for achieving a large yield: be generous with fertilizers during the flowering stage. Doing so will increase yields to approximately 500-650 gr/m2, and you’ll receive some big, juicy buds that glitter with resin as a reward.

Among its numerous advantages, Green Crack Auto provides discretion. Plants rarely grow taller than 90cm, making them excellent for covert projects, and the yields are even more astounding when you consider the plant’s modest stature when fully grown.

Fans of tropical flavors will adore Green Crack Auto’s delicious mango flavor. The fruity-floral overtones will thrill the taste buds before you enjoy the euphoric, energetic, and uplifting sensations that make Green Crack Auto a great daytime pick.

Green Crack Auto matures in 9-10 weeks and performs admirably on all fronts.

Purple Ghost Candy

A high-quality cannabis plant that even inexperienced growers can cultivate? Is that even possible? Yes, and it is without a doubt one of our greatest strains.

We don’t want to brag, but it’s necessary from time to time. Purple Ghost Candy by i49 is a game-changer. It’s a stunning-looking plant that grows relatively tall, produces a lot of resin, has a lot of THC (20%), and makes you feel extremely……relaxed. It’s a mostly Sativa combination of Ghost OG and Candyland Purple, one of the best Purples available – the quality is unquestionable.

Purple Ghost Candy’s connoisseur element is noticeable in the taste. You’ll taste a kaleidoscope of fantastic, powerful flavors — it’s fiery and earthy and lemon delicious. All of this contributes to a joyful experience that culminates in an incredibly balanced impact that is powerful and calming while also being tremendously exciting.

Indoor gardeners should expect yields of 500-600 gr/m2, but this strain is also comfortable in outdoor situations – if growing indoors, don’t spend too much time in the vegetative phase unless you have lots of headroom because these plants can stretch! Make careful to support the lateral branches to allow for growth, but aside from that, you’ll be pleasantly pleased with how simple it is to produce cannabis of this quality.

Don’t be afraid of the Purple Ghost!

Original Skunk #1

Look no further than Original Skunk #1 for a robust, easy-to-grow strain. OS1, the offspring of numerous revered landrace strains, mixes genetic elements of Afghani indica and the famed Acapulco Gold Sativa with a Colombian Gold Sativa in the mix, amplifying the cerebral benefits even further.

This strain has serious old-school vibes and was the first stabilized hybrid introduced to the Dutch growing scene.

Because of its exceptional vigor, this sturdy and dependable plant has become the breeding material for practically all Skunks available today, making it a safe bet for a hassle-free grow that doesn’t disappoint in terms of easy culture, large yields, or effects.

Original Skunk #1 is ready in nine weeks and produces a large crop of 500gr/2 from indoor plants or roughly 45 gr/plant when grown outdoors. Among its many advantages is the simplicity with which it can be manicured after harvesting and drying, making it an ideal strain for beginners. The low-maintenance growing stage does not convert to an everyday experience. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the rich aroma and the potent mental effect of this highly resinous strain.