5 Easy Online Games for Seniors


As a senior citizen, it’s important to maintain different hobbies. This is because hobbies are key to a happy life, especially in this day and age. Not to mention, hobbies also help to keep your body and mind healthy, which is a major bonus.

Outside of classic activities like joining a golf club and going bowling, many seniors are now playing online games. After some short training on how to use a smartphone or tablet for gaming, they’re ready to go! And if you already know how to do this, then that’s even better.

Here are five super-easy online games that are perfect for seniors. Whether you live in independently or in a care home, you’re guaranteed to like them!  And if you are looking for a safe platform where you can play solitaire online, visit Solitaire Masters.

1. Online Slots

Most senior people are familiar with casinos. At some point in your life, you’ve probably played in one.

Of course, some casino games are more popular than others. When it comes to playing them online, look no further than online slots, which you can access through the best online casino USA.

Online slots are perfect for seniors because they’re simple, easy to play, and don’t involve any complicated rules. You simply swipe your finger to spin the reels on the machine and then wait to see what the outcome is. Fingers-crossed, you’ll get a matching row of symbols in your first game!

2.  Scrabble

On your smartphone, laptop, or tablet device, you’ll be able to visit the app store and download any scrabble game you like. Online scrabble is just like normal scrabble, except you’re playing it through a computer screen – simple.

As a starter, try ‘Word Wiz’, which is a perfect scrabble app for people of all ages.

3. Wordle

If you enjoy scrabble, you’ll definitely like Wordle.

Back in 2021, Wordle exploded in popularity. Suddenly, both people, young and old, were playing this word-based game on their smartphones – but what’s all the fuss about?

The concept of Wordle is simple: you have six chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word. If you have the right letter in the correct spot, then it will appear as green. A wrong letter in the wrong spot will appear as yellow. And a letter that isn’t in the world will appear as grey. Got it? Great!

A new word appears on Wordle every day, so it’s a great for seniors to keep their minds nice and sharp.

4. Chess

On the internet, there are hundreds of different chess games that you can play. For simplicity purposes, it’s recommended that you go to your app store and download ‘Real Chess 3D’. This game is especially good for any older citizens who suffer from eyesight problems, as the graphics are large and 3D, meaning you can see everything nice and clear!

5. 8-Ball Pool

For any seniors who are fans of pool or snooker, it’s definitely worth trying the free-to-play 8-Ball Pool game. You can play this through a web browser or as a downloadable app – whichever you prefer.

When you join a match, you’ll automatically get paired up against an opponent from a random country around the world. The winner will earn virtual coins while the loser will lose some of their coins.

The goal is to earn as many coins as possible so that you can buy new pool cues, customize your pool tables, and much more.

Bonus: Klondike Solitaire

Solitaire used to be played only with real cards, but that is no longer the case. Solitaire can now be found as an app on almost every tablet or smartphone. You probably have a similar app on your own device. It’s just a really fun game to pass time and the game has a lot of mental benefits, it trains your brain to notice patterns and gives your memory a workout. A simple online full screen Solitaire game can be played here!

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