5 Great Chic Nail Designs for Summer 2021

Nail designs keep changing, with the most stunning design gaining prominence in a short period of time, and becoming the new nail trend. Summer is a period of fun, and this is the time when everyone is looking forward to a time to be part of the trend, including nail designs. For you to get the art done right, it is best to go for professional manicure and pedicure.   

Eggs served sunny-side up

This is one of the newest nail design trends that will look great with your colorful summer outfits. It will undoubtedly put you in a summer mood. It is a low-key design that is primarily white with a yellow spot that has been delicately placed. It is a cleverly done design that is not offensive to vegans while at the same time bright enough to draw attention to the nail.

The york design also gives the designer leverage to slightly change the curves based on your preference. For example, the artist may go for a full circular curve, or more than one sunny-side up egg nail art per nail.

Asymmetrical manicure

Yellow and white hues are popular summer colors. Using different designs on each nail is a trend to look out for in summer 2021. Egg nail art is a trend that can be used in different ways such that you remain trendy yet use various designs using the same sunny colors that are associated with summer. If you are not a yellow person, you may opt for orange for an even brighter look.

Runny-Yolk in place of the classic french tip

If you love using the classic french tip everytime you go for your manicure, this summer you should try the runny-yolk design at the tips of your nails. The thickness of the runny-yolk will vary depending on your preference and the size of the nail.

Neon Stars

Neon stars are a trend to look out for this summer. This chic design is stunning yet has a sense of simplicity that people look in summer. The neon stars design can be made using various colors and on different points of the nail. The shape of the nail and the number of stars depends on individual preference.

A mix of plain color and nail art

If you are torn between maintaining professional plain nail color and nail art, you can have both this summer. If you do not want to deviate so much from your norm, especially if you prefer plain nail polish, you may opt to have only two nails with designs that depict your summer mood. You may opt for natural colors or go for something brighter. A great manicurist will come up with great designs that help you maintain a professional summer look that will lift your mood every time you look at your nails.

Summer is a time when plenty of colors come out. It is not just a time for summer outfits, it is also a great time to go for a change in nail art. Going for chic designs that are trending is a great way to choose a design that will work for you.