5 Ideas on How to Create an Appealing Ceiling

In modern homes, ceilings are usually basic, flat and uninteresting to look at. It’s not like the old days where ceilings had elaborate designs, colours and accents. A ceiling can add character, light and depth to a room if it has the correct design for a room. So are you looking for creative ways to make your ceiling more appealing? In today’s article, we’re giving you five unique ideas you can use to add a glamorous touch to your room, simply by changing your ceiling. 

1. Illuminate a Dark Room with Neutral Colours and a Skylight

Some rooms simply don’t get enough light. This could be because the house was built facing a certain direction that doesn’t allow sunlight to shine through the windows. The first step to solving this problem is to add a skylight. There are many types of skylights Melbourne service providers can assist you with for this purpose. 

When you opt for a skylight, envision where you’d like to install the ceiling window and how big you want it to be. Typically skylights are installed in the centre of the ceiling depending on how big the room is. The skylight installation Melbourne service providers can help you with can often be used for almost any placement. 

Another aspect to consider when creating more light in a room is to paint your ceiling a neutral colour. Ceilings are painted white because the colour makes them look higher and brighter. The white ceiling and the skylight will make a room airy & warm. 

2. A Ceiling with an Ultra Glossy Finish

An ultra glossy ceiling finish has become popular, especially for kitchens. The smooth and shiny finish creates the illusion that the room is larger than it is. 

Neutral colours such as white or grey are used for glossy ceilings and they are designed for foyers & sunrooms. Chandeliers or pendant lights are ideal to use for glossy ceilings because the finish reflects light, making it look clean and elegant. 

How is a Glossy Ceiling Achieved?

There are paints that are combined with gloss primers to create a smooth and shiny finish. However, if you select a lower grade paint it can cause bumps and an uneven finish which could affect the glossy appeal you’re looking for. Always opt for high-end glossy paints. 

Ensure the surface of your ceiling is smooth before applying your paint. The best way to do this is by sanding the ceiling and adding three coats of primer to the surface before painting. 

Painting Tools to Use

You must also use a paint gun to spray the coats of glossy paint onto the ceiling for an even finish. Using a paintbrush will create brush strokes which can affect the shine of the paint. 

3. Arches and Wooden Beams

Wood adds warmth to a room so this building material is perfect for homes that are located in colder areas. It’s also the ideal material when building a sunroom because it retains heat

A classic ceiling style is an arch. An arched ceiling adds height and depth to a room but it’s difficult to achieve this architectural design with standard ceiling materials. The ideal material to use is wooden beams to assist in creating this unique style. 

Types of Ceiling Arches

Barrel-Vaulted Ceilings 

The barrel-vaulted ceiling is easier to achieve using wooden beams. It consists of one arch that’s separated throughout the length of the entire room. This arched ceiling design is ideal for entryways and hallways. 

Dome Vaulted Ceilings

A dome ceiling is commonly built for bathrooms and master bedrooms. The ceiling is fashioned into a high rise rounded ceiling that can be easily achieved in smaller rooms. Wood can be used for ceiling trimmings and support beams for the domed arch. 

Groin-Vaulted Ceilings

The groin-vaulted ceiling is created by adding two joined barrel vault designs. This arched ceiling design is called a cross vault. With wooden planks, you can create the most stunning patterns for groin vault ceilings. Select a beautiful dark stain to enhance the contours of the beams to add depth.  

 4. Industrial Styles with Steel and Low Hanging Lights

Industrial styled ceilings are popular designs for lofts and open planned apartments. If you want to create an environment with low lighting, paint your walls a dark grey colour and add steel beams to your ceiling. 

Low hanging lights with a yellow glow will be the perfect addition especially if you have high rise ceilings. The industrial style works with ceilings that are flat with no arches or trimmings. 

5. Stencilled Ceiling Patterns or Murals  

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant way to add more glam to your ceilings simply add floral patterns or murals to them. Stencilled patterns are popular for borders around the ceiling. But if you want something bold and over the top, you can paint a beautiful scene such as a sunset through the clouds or star constellations.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be the person that has a house or apartment with boring ceilings. Add some elegance by selecting an idea from our list of designs. Happy decorating!