5 Important Signs of a Reliable Online Casino Website

Online casinos can be fun and really entertaining to play, and they can also offer many seductive bonuses. Many gamblers tend to evaluate web casino sites looking only at the games and bonuses. However, in reality, a boring and humble but honest casino site is better than a flashy platform promising unimaginable riches. Why?

Because an honest casino site will at least pay the gamblers’ winnings, and will be transparent about everything that takes place on the platform. This is why choosing the best online casinos in Canada is very important but the most complicated task is to find one.

There are many online casino reviewing platforms like CasinosHunter, many recommendations and guidelines about web gambling, but for the most part, these are very superficial. Online gamblers should be educated on their own, and should be able to tell an honest casino site from a potentially unreliable one.

Is It Even Possible To Find an Honest Casino Online?

Despite a popular opinion that there is no such thing as an honest casino site, there are actually high quality platforms that provide a decent level of service, and eventually pay the winnings out to their customers. Yet, finding such a site may take some time and some effort.

Of course the fastest way is to check out several online casino reviews available for free. But a beginner gambler may still lack experience to recognize whether the review is objective, or whether it is superficial and unrealistic. Therefore, they still cannot rely on the reviews. Every gambler should be able to evaluate the casino sites on their own. This is why we will discuss five of the most important signs that tell an honest casino from a potentially suspicious one. Also, check out the best keno sites in UAE in this post.


There are different types of licenses out there, and some licenses are more reputable than others. But any license is better than no license, and the more licenses the better. Most casino sites state they do have a license, but it still makes sense to double-check. For that, find the license logo on the homepage and click on it, to see if there’s a link that leads to the actual document of the license. If there is no link, or no license logo, and the name of the license is only stated in the T&C (without its number and any additional data), it is better to avoid such a site.


Certifications are usually additional documents that prove that the casino site has passed a testing of some kind, be it testing of its software protection, or its games, or its payment mechanisms, etc. Certifications are usually proudly added on the homepage, and the links should also lead to the actual document explaining the certification. However, some sites are daring enough to fake the certifications. So, these should also be double-checked.

Seals of Trust

These are signs of trust not by license issuing authorities and not by testing companies, but most often by other companies in the same niche. Seals of trust may be issued by reviewers, software providers, or payment processing companies. On the one hand, some companies’ seals of trust are worthless because they are given to all partners, regardless of the real situation. On the other hand, many seals of trust may partially support the casino’s positive reputation. So, this is a two-edged argument.

Decent Banking

Banking may be hard to check, because many casinos do not provide each and every and all their banking rules in the T&C document. Some sites accept players from so many countries that stating all the payment nuances for each country would make T&C endless and impossible to read. However, some general rules must be stated and explained clearly. The more information about payments is provided, and the more transparent it is, the better.

Adequate T&C

Speaking of the T&C document – Terms and Conditions – it must be read and re-read from time to time, and definitely before registering an account with any casino site, because this long and boring document contains literally all the rules applied to the customers’ activities, money, and data on the site. The more info is provided in a comprehensive way, the better.

Hopefully these five aspects will make choosing an honest online casino easier for all gamblers.