5 Key Technologies That Can Secure Your Bike

Bike safety is one of the things that has brought controversies. Most people end up being victims of bike theft. As a result, many people try to come up with methods that will make their bikes safe.

Interestingly, technology and tricks keep developing day by day. Bikes, therefore, still get exposed to theft even when secured with various technologies. To come up with a solution, we have encountered several methods that prove to be effective. We have highlighted the five best that will serve you best.

Key Technologies That Can Secure Your Bike

Tracking systems

The development of technology has given rise to various technologies that offer to track. Using a tracker, you can monitor the bike’s usage and keep track of the directions and its actual location. A tracker is a small device you attach to the bike and synchronized with your digital devices.

You, therefore, have an assurance that you can identify the place your bike is at a specific time. Amazingly, some trackers come along with locking features. having such a device is lovely as it allows you to take complete charge of the bike.

Trackers can be fitted on any type of bike. They are simple gadgets that are just fitted and you have them permanently attached. They can even be fitted on a Sports bike for a beginner as a security precaution.

Tracking systems work perfectly even at long distances. Some come along with features such as the GPS that shares the location of the bike. You, therefore, have an assurance that you will get your bike despite the place it is.

Alarm systems

An alarm system gets active when you have left the bike. You, therefore, will have to activate its functionality hence having an assurance that you are safe. When someone touches your bike, you can be sure that it will notify you by raising the alarm. The thief, therefore, gets scared or caught up.

Alarm systems sometimes have gadgets that notify you when someone tampers with the bike. You can, therefore, comfortably walk from one place to another. The alarms’ terrible thing is that serious thieves can deactivate them and get away with the bike.

Bike locks

Bike locks are some of the devices that you will have great moments with. They can work well even on some of the best electric bikes for heavy riders. Some are affordable and less complicated, and some are complicated and slightly costly.

We have traditional locks and modern ones. The traditional locks are durable and less technological. The modern ones have the technical bit of them, and some are pretty durable. You, therefore, need to go for modern ones while observing their quality and performance.

One thing you always need to ensure is that the lock is not easy to break. A complicated lock is, therefore, the best option you can always have. Even though safety is accessible, you need to ensure that it has some difficulties in breaking.

Keyless Bluetooth locking system

There is a bike locking technology that comes with smart devices. Under this technology, you will have the model getting locked using Bluetooth technology. You will therefore have to operate within the range to have it delivering its function best.

This method allows you to enjoy the keyless technology making your bike safer from manual attacks. When operating within the range, you have an assurance that the locking mechanism won’t fail you. It is essential as it notifies you when the bike is out of range, making it easier to locate.

Use of anti-theft bolts

Anti-theft bolts have a design that makes the process of management convenient. You will use the bolts to lock the parts that the thieves target most. One thing that will happen when you have the components under the screw lock, they will not be easily open.

You will therefore need a key to open the bolts.  Some of the parts you can comfortably lock are the wheels, handlebar, seat, etc. Thieves will therefore have some time to work around before getting away with some parts.

The primaryrole of the key is to loosen the bolts before you open them up. It, therefore, guarantee your bike that all the parts will be safe. Considering that they have a smaller size, adjusting them becomes tougher, making it difficult for thieves to get a quick target.


Using the key technologies that can secure your bike is lovely. You will ensure that the bike is safe and will serve you for the most extended period. Replacing the lost parts also becomes a task you won’t frequently do.