5 Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

There are several options for vision correction if wearing glasses or contacts isn’t ideal for you. In case you’re thinking about laser eye surgery, you probably think of LASIK or Femto LASIK which is the newest technology that is flapless and is less likely to create dry eyes.

There are numerous safe and effective options like Femto LASIK, but not everyone may benefit from them. When making a decision about a procedure, it is important to be as informed as possible. When considering laser vision correction, it can be very valuable to hear about the experiences of others who have had LASIK.

We are sharing our top 5 reviews of laser eye surgery and how people felt afterwards.

Review 1 – The Busy Mom with Glasses


5 Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

In order to assess your eye health and eligibility for the procedure, the clinic must perform a full morning or afternoon of assessments. Comprehensive testing may include – but is not limited to – scans such as Tomography, Topography, Pachymetry, and Optical Coherence Tomography using epithelial mapping.

When all was said and done, I was informed that I was indeed eligible for laser eye surgery and that the ReLEx SMILE keyhole treatment was the best option for me. In addition to receiving a comprehensive set of information and instructions, I was told to take a ‘cooling-off period to decide if I wanted to proceed.

Afterwards, anaesthetic drops were applied to my eyes to prevent me from feeling pain. I was calmly explained what was about to happen and how it would feel by the eye surgeon. Using a bright light, I stared at it for about 40 seconds per eye before I realized I was done.

My vision was blurry at first – as if I were in a sauna. My boyfriend and daughter picked me up in a cab after five minutes after I was led into a relaxation room. No pain was felt at all. In spite of being warned my eyes would feel dry and scratchy, they didn’t. My boyfriend came every half hour to administer eye drops to me during the next five hours while I lay in bed with my eyes closed.

I don’t think I will ever get over how it feels to open my eyes when I wake up in the morning and be able to see without fumbling around for glasses. It is liberating to be free of contact lenses. “It feels like a miracle,” I have told everyone who’s asked me about having it done

Review 2 – The Dancer with Contact Lenses

The Dancer with Contact Lenses

The first time I realized I had poor vision is still vivid in my mind. Being a dancer, I was quick to switch to contacts since they were more comfortable to wear. I have been wearing contacts and glasses for 20-ish years now.

I was very interested in LASIK when it became an option. The hassle of wearing glasses and contacts and allergies did not appeal to me. In the case of allergies, my contacts would irritate my eyes further, requiring me to use glasses. For a short time, this was ok, but wearing glasses too long felt uncomfortable and annoying.

After I was positioned on the table by the techs, the doctor explained what would follow.

It was pretty surreal for the next 12 minutes. You opened your eyes during the procedure, which is a bit strange. There were times when I saw colors and other times when I saw black dots.

I felt some pressure in each eye for about 30 seconds, but the doctor reassured me. During those moments, one of the technicians counted down for me, and I was done in a flash.

After 12 minutes, they told me I was done. I was astonished. Slowly, I arose and was escorted out. Immediately, I was able to see! The first few moments were hazy, but once I could see, it was so wonderful.

During the first week, I wore the eye guards I was given so I wouldn’t rub my eyes while sleeping.

It amazes me how many reasons I find to be grateful that I have better than 20/20 vision without the need for glasses or contacts. It’s amazing.

Review 3 – Entrepreneur with Dry Eyes

Entrepreneur with Dry Eyes

My dry eyes caused me to struggle with my contacts, so I began thinking about LASIK. As a result of these same reasons, my optometrist advised against the procedure. In spite of this, my symptoms persisted, so I saw a new eye doctor who recommended I take a few weeks off of my contacts. While I did not enjoy wearing glasses again, it allowed my doctor to investigate what was causing my dry eyes.

Financially, LASIK makes sense, especially considering how long you will have to buy glasses and contacts.

As it turned out, it was my contact lenses. As a result of treating the problem, my eye doctor gave me the okay to have LASIK. LASIK made so much sense financially as I thought about how many more years I will have to buy glasses and contacts. As a working mom, I knew LASIK would save me time.

Every day, I am grateful for my vision. Despite working many hours on the computer, my eyes do not feel dry anymore. It’s amazing to simply get up and go in the morning when getting my children ready for school.

Review 4 – The Father Who Loves the Outdoors

The Father Who Loves the Outdoors

For me, being able to see in the middle of the night was the most important reason for getting LASIK. The fact that I am a father to three young children under five makes it pretty typical for me to experience this. When your kids need you, you should be able to get to them quickly, without fumbling around for glasses on your nightstand or going into their room blindly. Getting outside is something I enjoy. My favourite outdoor activities include cycling, rowing, and other sports. When you are outdoors, it can be very challenging to keep your hands clean while handling contacts. There was also an issue with work. My eyes would get tired after spending hours in front of my computer, and my contacts would become uncomfortable. However, I would be unable to take out my contacts if I had forgotten my glasses.

It was also important to consider the money when making this decision. Based on the numbers, we concluded that our quality of life would improve and our budget would be saved. A feeling of unreality pervaded the experience.

Naturally, I had some trepidations, surgery after all, and there’s only one pair of eyes. It’s important to get it right. I was extremely impressed with the LASIK surgeon’s professionalism and staff. Their guidance and answers to all my questions about LASIK made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision. LASIK recovery went much more smoothly than I expected.

Without scrambling for glasses in the middle of the night, I can reply to my kids immediately. The improvement is significant.

It is pretty amazing what life is like after LASIK. My vision is crystal clear, which surprises me the most. A few days after having the procedure, I read a sign hanging out of the window of a restaurant down the street. Despite wearing contacts, I never had this clear vision. It was amazing how quickly my vision improved.

I would recommend LASIK to anyone.

Review 5 – The Doctor Who is Tired of Glasses

The Doctor Who is Tired of Glasses

LASIK improved my vision in 2019 while I was an ophthalmology resident.

My vision and lifestyle were not compatible with corrective lenses. Because I could never tolerate contacts, I had to wear glasses. As a student of eye surgery, I am often in the operating room, where glasses fog up due to the heavily filtered air affecting humidity levels. As well as constantly getting in the way, they were a nuisance.

Playing basketball and working out keep me in shape when I’m not at the hospital. During medical residency, there are long hours, and I might fall asleep wearing my glasses. Upon waking up in the morning, I would have to search through my bed or the floor, looking for them.

The clarity of my vision when I wake up in the morning is amazing. My LASIK results are new, so I constantly think about how well I can see.