5 Popular Bands in Brisbane


If you didn’t know this, well then, some bands in Brisbane have managed to garner global success. You might just even know or may have heard of some of them before. However, today we’re here to talk about 5 of the popular bands that are currently making waves in Brisbane. The music scene in Brisbane is stronger than ever and they still have many successful bands doing the Queensland capital proud. You may recognize some of the bands on this list and at the same time you may not. Nevertheless, all of them on this list are pretty good.

1. Deafcult

It’s very easy for one to become slightly obsessed with this outstanding Brisbane band. They have that uncanny ability to epitomize everything about music that their listeners think is great. In fact, some have gone as far as tagging them as Brisbane’s current champions. They may be just that good. It’s like that band you sort of wished you were a part of when younger. Everything about them oozes future global superstars. Their music gives off that aura of excellence. Oh, and if you get the chance to watch them live they’ll literally knock you over.

2. Silent Feature

Okay, this may just come off sounding a little over the top, but it doesn’t really matter because this band is one that’s seriously world class. That might even be saying the least. What’s more is that they seem to be getting better every year. Furthermore, even the shittiest stage they happen to find themselves in, they still have the ability to somehow make it sound absolutely amazing.

3. Bugs

This group of musicians is some of the sweetest as well as nicest people you will ever meet. Honestly, that’s actually a bit of why they made it into this massive list of Brisbane bands. But, don’t get it twisted. That’s definitely not the only reason. Together with their fun and fast live shows, they’ve managed to be that new favorite punk pop band that you won’t necessarily have to hide from your parents.

4. Harley Young and the Haymakers

This group of talented musicians made a whole record about Sandgate. Pretty cool, don’t you think? If you haven’t heard it before you seriously should. Then maybe you can come back and tell us what you think. Anyway, aside from all that, they’re actually incredible songwriters and have above average pop smarts all round as well. A group of legends in the making.

5. Whalehouse

If you want true punk music from Brisbane then look no further than this band right here. They’re simply the definition of Brisbane punk music. We could go on and on about how fantastic the Whalehouse band is, but we wouldn’t be doing them justice. You’ll just need to find a way to go watch them live to get a chance of understanding what we truly mean.

Briscore, which is the Brisbane sound is definitely now a thing. Furthermore, it’s pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves. Australia in general has been known to produce some outstanding musical talent, and Brisbane is no exception to this. Hopefully, you now know what to look out for when in Brisbane.

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