5 Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer


Getting the right attorney requires your commitment to finding the right legal representative. Searching for the right professional takes your own insight into what you need from a lawyer, given the specifics of your situation. Unfortunately, only some personal injury attorneys will be a match, and your location further restricts you.

Although the options are limited, there are ways to ensure that the attorney you work with is a good fit. Just as one would go about hiring for a job, you must carry out interviews and ask questions that give you a greater idea of what a potential lawyer can bring to the table. In this way, you can consider different lawyers before deciding who to hire.

As you interview, consider what you need to know about how they operate. You should gather their previous experience with your type of case, what their timeline looks like for fees, and whether they feel they can help you. Once you have this information, move on to more intuitive questions. Here are five questions to ask a personal injury lawyer to point you in the right direction.

1. What Is Your Personal Injury Lawyer Experience?

The first thing to ask about is their previous experience. You do not want a personal injury lawyer who lacks experience in what you need accomplished. By working with someone who has represented others in your shoes, you can trust that they’ll know a path forward.

2. How Long Do I Have To File?

Test the knowledge of any personal injury lawyer professionals you’re considering hiring. Ask them how long you have to file your claim. These specifics vary depending on the type of injury and location. Your lawyer should understand local laws so they can address your case with as much legal insight as possible.

3. What Is The Payment Process?

Make sure that you understand the payment protocols for working with the personal injury attorney. If the client is the defendant, most arrangements are billable hour agreements. When the client is the plaintiff, the contingency fee is typically utilized.

4. How Do We Get Started?

This question will inform you of how skillful the personal injury lawyer is in regard to your case specifics. If your lawyer is experienced enough, they’ll know how to build your case. There is typically an investigation process in the beginning. If someone is unsure or is vague in explaining, this is a red flag that you need to look elsewhere.

5. What Are My Chances?

This question is more about the personality you gather from a prospective lawyer. Their response will give you a feel for their demeanor, which may give you an idea of what they may be like in court. Again, look for skillful responses that showcase knowledge.

Ask The Right Questions

You must ask the right questions to find the best representation for your personal injury case. Consider the five questions above to narrow your options and find the best personal injury lawyer for your case.







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