5 Reasons Your Pet Might Need CBD

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant. Over the years, CBD has proved to be quite efficient for humans.

However, did you know that it also has a lot of benefits when it comes to pets? Due to this reason, CBD for pets has gained popularity. So, let’s see why you may also require it for your little friend.

Reason 1: CBD Prevents Inflammation

Many pets, especially dogs and cats suffer from joint inflammation and other related conditions that can cause them excruciating pain. Moreover, it can also lead to more severe diseases, such as Arthritis. However, CBD has come to your rescue!

CBD is known for its beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing inflammation. Thus, soothing your pet’s pain. Additionally, it also has painkiller properties that can further stop any discomfort your pet is feeling.

Reason 2: CBD Helps in Reducing Anxiety Related Problems

Did you know that a lot of pets often experience anxiety at least once in their entire lifetime? This anxiety may stem from various problems, such as separation anxiety or past trauma/abuse. Due to this anxiety, they may get more aggressive or sometimes even run away.

So, if you’re finding it challenging to help your anxious pet, CBD can do the job for you efficiently and give you the best possible results.

In humans, CBD is known to increase Serotonin (also known as a ‘happy hormone’) levels responsible for keeping you mentally healthy and fit. Similarly, CBD is also found to show some results in pets facing anxiety.

It is highly recommended to talk to your vet before including CBD in your dog’s daily routine. If your vet thinks that it may help cure your pet’s anxiety, you should go ahead with it.

Reason 3: CBD Has Almost No Side Effects

One of the worst things about medication and painkillers is that almost all of them have side effects. Some may cause drowsiness, while others may even have more adverse effects, such as liver or kidney damage. So, if you’re skeptical about giving a lot of medications to your pet, you may want to go for CBD.

CBD is a natural painkiller with curative properties that can help your pet recover from inflammation problems or even anxiety problems without any side effects.

Moreover, you may have confusion regarding their marijuana-like properties. Well, the truth is that CBD doesn’t have THC, responsible for the ‘high factor’ found in marijuana leaves. So, you don’t have to worry about your pet feeling high or anything!

Reason 4: CBD Reduces Seizures

Many pets, mostly dogs, experience frequent seizures. Now, this may scare you to no end to see your pet like that. Sometimes, these seizures may even get severe and become life-threatening.

You may find drugs having anticonvulsant properties to curb seizures. However, a lot of them have side effects. Yet, CBD doesn’t have any.

So, along with anti-inflammatory and painkiller properties, CBD also has anticonvulsant properties. These properties help in preventing and even treating seizures. Thus, saving you and your pet from a traumatizing experience!

Reason 5: CBD Helps in Homeostasis

Even if your pet doesn’t have any diseases or problems, CBD can still help in homeostasis or the proper balance and stability of your pet’s inner functioning.

Thus, CBD can help regulate the temperature, appetite, and many other things to protect your pet from any harm.

Final Thoughts

Owing to these five reasons, CBD can help keep your pet physically and even mentally healthy and strong.

And the best part? It is without any side effects or long term problems!